Diehard GameFAN - Adventures To Go! Review (PSP)

Although both Natsume and Gamestop have done a good job limiting gamers' access to actually purchasing this obscure little game, once you manage to track it down you'll have a delightful, if shallow RPG that shakes the foundations of a Roguelike game. The biggest downside to the game is the fact there is little to no plot, and when there is, you'll hate every character in the game for being either bi-polar or a total jerk without any redeeming qualities. However, the highly innovative gameplay that combines Roguelike RPGs, tactical RPGs, and the concept of Action Points more than make up for this. It all depends on if you play RPG's for the story or gameplay. If it's the former, don't bother with this. If it's for the latter, you'll find one of the most interesting fusion engines released this generation.

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