Dragon Age: Origins - Insane Load Times

Those of you who have been playing Dragon Age: Origins may have noticed the insanely long load times that the game has, despite having less-than-cutting edge graphics. Both fans in official forums and reviewers have noticed the disproportionate load times, which are accompanied by game slowdown.

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LTC3271d ago

PS3 version has MUCH FASTER load times as quoted by Gamespot.

MWong3270d ago

I don't know about the load times between the different version, but I know absolutely hated downloading the DLC. Especially with the Collectors Edition I bought from GameStop. To download each piece of DLC then go back through the games initial load sequence over and over again was ridiculous.

rCrysis3270d ago

I hope Bioware gets these loading time issues fixed by the time ME2 comes out.

I loved that game...but those elevators...

Darkstorn3270d ago

I'm sure there will be a patch for this in the near future. It's simply a matter of time.

evrfighter3270d ago

long load times?

less than 5 second load times on my pc...longest I've seen was around 10-15ish

champ213270d ago

i dont see any load times on my pc..

oh this must be valid for the taxed up 60usd console versions :P

funny they pay more get less lol.

t8503270d ago

@darkstorn- dont think they can patch to make the drives within the ps3 or 360 spin any faster

id think the 5400rpm hard drives within the consoles are the culprit here.. they are just too old.

PrimordialSoupBase3270d ago

No idea what this article is going on about. Tried both 360 - installed, mind you - and PC and it's been quick, no problem.

beardpapa3270d ago

Don't notice much about load times here. Played it on Win7 and also playing it on the PS3. Definitely not "insane" like the head line suggests.

3270d ago
champ213270d ago


first i am not a pc fanboy. I prefer a machine that does everything, in which case pc is the only choice ;-) if there was something better out there belive me i would jump ship.

id give you a buget of 2000usd.. please tell me what sort of parts you'd get. cause for a pc to run circles around a ps3 or 360 it would only take 500usd at most.

i hope you arent on this forum typing on your ps3 analog sticks. Anyone has a pc at home.. just takes 150usd(much cheaper then getting a console) to make that pc gaming enabled and its no secret games on pc are cheaper and superior ;-)

regarding 3 games a year.. wtf are you talking about? by that count consoles got nothing.

dragunrising3270d ago

I think the article is a little misguided. It starts out talking about terrible loading times yet never makes the distinction of platform. Is this a general problem? Is the problem related to hardware or software? The article is pure speculation. The comments seem to supplement by pinpointing a problem with AMD processors and the PC version. Exactly what should have been addressed before publication. How did this get approved?

leyego3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

its pure BS

on my pc load times are quick, infact really quick.
on my ps3 the load times take a bit longer then the pc but its still not insanly long. at max id get a 10sec loading screen and thats RARE

borderlands had insanly long load times (some averaging 2+ mins)

Giriath3270d ago

Learn to click on links guys. It's a problem with Phenom and AMD processors.

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ps3ftwin3270d ago

glad i got the pc version.

SaiyanFury3270d ago

Just a fast question here; is the PC version compatible with a controller? I tried the 360 version tonight and it was relatively logically mapped out. My PC would easily play the game so I'm curious, since I don't like playing a game of this nature with a mouse and keyboard. I expect it would play very well on my system.

Core 2 Quad Q6700 OC'd to 3.25GHz
8GB DDR3-1600 RAM
GTX 285 SSC video card

tda-danny3270d ago

My system is almost exactly like yours, cept my CPU is a q9450 OC to 3.2ghz, and I run the game at 1680x1050 with max settings and no slowdown at all.

You will not experience any problems.

Playing the game with an xbox controller on the other hand... =S

SaiyanFury3270d ago

Haha yeah someone PM'd me not too long ago about the controller thing. That's cool, I was just wondering. Thanks for the info, dudes. :)

skbkoy653270d ago

ihave 360 version installed to hdd loadings no longer than 3 or 4 seconds at maxx

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