BeefJack: Tower Bloxx Deluxe Review

BeefJack writes: "Puzzle games are an odd entity in the video game industry; they've been around for a damn long time, but they've never really seen any major revolutions. Tetris and Puzzle Bobble, for example, are two titles that instantly spring to mind, and for every Wetrix, Super Puzzle Fighter, Chu Chu Rocket and Hexic, the basic formula is always the same, yet usually managing some damn rewarding gameplay and continued success."


* Well built puzzle system.
* Extremely addictive gameplay, easy to learn impossible to master.
* Brightly coloured and nicely animated world and 3D models.


* Difficulty can be somewhat too demanding and require a substantial number of repeated plays.
* Outside of different rule variations there's not much content other than the main puzzle game.
* 3D cities lack life and come across as empty.

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