BlazBlue announced for PSP

Examiner: The latest Famitsu issue revealed that BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger will be heading to the PSP in the near future under the name, BlazBlue Portable.

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presto7173269d ago

I just hope they make dlc. 12 fighters seems too small for a fighting game.

Bonsai12143269d ago

they're releasing a continuation in a few weeks for arcades, and it'll probably make it over to consoles within the next half a year. 12 characters is a lot when they're all completely different and its the first game of the series. there are no Ryu, Akuma and Ken here.

Demarco1563269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )


men that took long every 2d console game should be on the psp

PotNoodle3269d ago

Probably because they saw how well it worked in remote play.. i know a few people who will be happy about this..

tomsau3269d ago

definitely :)
it didn't work amazingly, but it worked :D which is more than can be said for pretty much every other game on the ps3 :P

this could work amazingly on the psp if they get the networking right

Saaking3269d ago

The PSP is getting more AAA games than the failbox.

ChrisW3269d ago

Hell yeah! Including old-school overly silly Japanese cliche 2D fighting games!! Yeeeeaay!

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The story is too old to be commented.