Game Vortex: Dreamkiller Review

Game Vortex writes: "Alice Drake has a gift, a gift that allows her to enter another person's dreams and rid them of their fears and obsessions. By "ridding," of course, I mean violently removing the hostile interlopers. This is the premise behind Mindware Studios' newest FPS Dreamkiller. Playing as the psychically gifted Ms. Drake, gamers will enter a dreamscape where the abnormality becomes reality. Best known for their mod-turned-official add-on to 2004's Painkiller (entitled Painkiller: Overdose), Mindware Studios goes back to the drawing board in Dreamkiller to create a bevy of new creatures and interesting environments through which the player must navigate. While the levels are well-designed and somewhat eerie, the game suffers from some severely dated graphics.

On medium default settings, I could have been playing a game developed in 2004 instead of 2009. Turning the settings all the way to maximum produced noticeably better, yet still disappointing results. Some of the particle effects were nice, but overall, there was definitely a polished feel that was missing. On the other hand, the sound effects are spot-on; spooky and creepy when needed, fast-paced and adrenaline-filled at other times. The weapon effects were nice and the voiceovers, while certainly not Oscar-caliber, were serviceable."

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