NoobTalk: Diablo 2 – 1.13 patch

This is not a simple patch made to fix minor bugs. It is a content pack, which means that new features will be added (of course that bug fixing won't be skipped).

One important thing that will be added is the possibility to re-spec. That really is good news no? The one thing that I did not like about Diablo was the fact that once you added a skill point somewhere, it stayed there forever.

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BRG90003272d ago

It makes sense to help keep hype up for D3, but still. Blizzard is amazing.

Darkfocus3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

there actually hasn't been a patch in years they're just releasing a new one because D3's coming. Blizzards still one of my favorite devs though even if I hate the fact they merged with activision

Thadorus3272d ago

1.13 would be out by the end of april.

blizzard is still my favourite developer.

Grandreaper99993272d ago

friggin schwweeet. I'll definitely dust off the old account after 1.13.

sashimi3272d ago

i can't remember my old account nor do i know where my cds are from......2000

RememberThe3573272d ago

that year I got lost in Diablo 2...