A Sony fanboy gone mad

Hell hath no fury like a fanboy scorned. Lately, Sony's fan base has taken nuclear bomb-like hits to the gut for the PlayStation 3, so it's no surprise that some are ready to snap. Immortalized in YTMND form, a GameSpot caller who goes by the name of jason16888 pretty much sums up every frustration each Sony sheep has been feeling lately.

TheMART6440d ago

Hahaaa it's fun and it's even the right info

Games up to max 100 dollars. Sony is crazy.

You're paying for raw potential. Yep peak power. One doesn't need peak power. Peak power are specs on paper to blabla around like Fony always does. Give a good gamesystem, no hyped up CPU that can simultane can work on different so called 'cores' but then get stuck on only 2 threads for the main core...

At least the 360 has 3 cores, with 2 threads per core, makes 6 threads in total. For the use of the different CPU's watch this video


6440d ago
joemutt6440d ago

You definately arent fooling any of us. Twice as powerful in every aspect, lol. Thats a good one, did you make that up all by yourself?

Sony isnt even claiming twice as powerful in any aspect, and you know why? Because it isnt.

And dont get me started on the games, the PS3 doesnt even stand in the same ballpark.

Speaking of ballpark, go get yourself a hotdog little boy, and enjoy watching the big boys game.

TheMART6440d ago

Achira proof me wrong. Tell me how the Cell 'cores' work, how many threads it has.

Then go look at the 360 CPU cores and threads.

Please, I dare you. The Cell can get more calculating on same time, but if you cut it all up in pieces and have only two threads to use you're screwed big time. It's like having a Ferrari motor in a Lada

shotty6440d ago

Archira where do you get your BS from. You sound retarded with your so called facts.

tatical6440d ago

Hideo Kojima, the designer of MGS4, says that MGS4 is posible on the 360.

Hideo Kojima:
"Maybe some nuance or a small details here and there might be different, but I feel that hardware is no longer a matter. I'm just talking about PS3, 360 and PC. Revolution is totally different, but there are really no differences among the other three."

There you have it, no difference...


ACE6439d ago

lol this sums up fony lol thats some funny $hit

DEATH TO FONY LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

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pRo loGic II6440d ago

You got mental problems. You say you're 24 but you think like you're 12, im sorry but no adult behavs like you do. Maybe it's because you're from some back po-dunk country in Europe.



that is all.

its not news that all the sony fans are depressed and unhappy!

pRo loGic II6440d ago

Now you Sony fanboy's know why the X***'s love to visit all industry news(PS3)news. Sony fanboyism is entertaining, it's like watching Beaves & Butt-head in their fantasy world...

Islandkiwi6440d ago

First off, dude needs to discover girls.

Second, dude sounds like Sony is his girl. Wtf is that line, "Sony, I should have abandoned you long ago." Abandoned you?

Loyalty to a game console is like hugging a toaster...get some perspective.