Rare 'hopeful' of creating Natal FPS

MCV: Firm talks GoldenEye; Could Perfect Dark be coming to new 360 add-on?

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Droid Control3274d ago

create games for a standard pad.

Jerk1203274d ago

Who cares?

That's still one less game that you're playing.

Good enough for me.

wxer3274d ago

they don't need controllers
all they need is an AIR GUN MAN

Microsoft Xbox 3603274d ago

Nintendo abandoned them for a reason.

WildArmed3274d ago


Wow. now that is officially the saddest thing I've read on

Great job

Cold 20003274d ago

Cant wait to see exactly how can a FPS work on Natal.

MS better not mess up with this. It better work perfectly or otherwise they should just drop it and make casual games with Natal.

SL1M DADDY3274d ago

Not very well. Motion controls are for casual gamers and casual gamers do not buy FPS's. Creating an FPS using Natal is setting yourself up for failure right off the get go. Mark my words and get back with me when the sales and game play prove me right.

mastiffchild3274d ago

Sales may prove you right Slim but there's no reason that a FPS shouldn't control amazingly well with motion controls. The Conduit-for all it's faults in opther areas-with it's fully customisable set makes a compelling arument for the vast superiority in their performance over a normal dual stick pad set up-honestly, I find it almost as easy and effective as keyboard and mouse so I wouldn't say it's a bad thing gameplay wise.

Venatus-Deus3274d ago

I can’t wait to see how they’ll do it.

Will there be lots people pointing their fingers at the screen shouting “PAW PAW PAW”?

If they keep it simple it could be quite fun like Wii Sports.

SL1M DADDY3274d ago

Not too many devs take the same time to get a handle on the controls like they did for the COnduit and even then, the Conduit was not that great even with its customizable options. As for sales, if the sales are not there then you may not see another game of that type from the devs considering that it takes money to produce games. I know that a game does not have to sell millions to make a sequel but in the light of the Conduit selling only a quarter of a million, that is not sequel material.

thor3274d ago

Yes but there's a VERY big difference with the conduit. You can use a nunchuck to move about. How do you move about with Natal? Somebody try giving me serious suggestions.

Running on the spot? Besides getting tired, it wouldn't be able to tell whether you're going forwards, backwards, left or right (try running on the spot "forwards" and "backwards" and you'll realise it's the same motion).

Running about your room? If you have a small room, this doesn't give you much game space. Even with a very large room it can't emulate the vast expanses found in videogames.

Using a controller peripheral? Defeats the point of Natal. Might as well use a controller only in that case.

About the only idea I can think of that's semi-reasonable is using your left hand and moving it in the direction you want to move. But it is cumbersome, and means you'll be firing with your right hand rather than pretending to actually hold a rifle. It is also very controller-like and sort of defeats the point of Natal. The aim of Natal is that you become part of the game; in this case, it's as though you're holding a virtual joystick and a virtual lightgun which are almost the same as the real things, except you get no physical feedback.

leeger3274d ago

this is probably how you'll play fps using natal

Anon19743274d ago

Cold 2000 said "Cant wait to see exactly how can a FPS work on Natal."

Look no further. The video of it is right here!

leeger3274d ago

we think alike. hehehe

Anon19743274d ago

Within a minute of each other. :)

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Microsoft Xbox 3603274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

Natal FPS? That's gotta be the biggest joke yet. Only an xbot would buy into that gimmick.

3274d ago
Nicaragua3274d ago

Is anyone really buying into all this Natal hype to the point where they think you will be able to play an FPS with it ?

Kushan3274d ago

There IS such a thing as being objective. For every person saying Natal is the greatest thing to ever happen, there's a person saying it's a joke, a scam or that it simply doesn't work.
Those who have any sense will be neither, they'll say "ok, that's some pretty cool technology, now lets see what you do with it".

mastiffchild3274d ago

Or, like with PS3 wands, say that we haven't even had our hands on them to see either if or how they work, no?

The wand demos LOOK pretty good but we don't know do we? The Natal show was pretty poorlyy done ansd though some press say the nehind closed doors stuff was cool again WE don't know just how good it is.

I'm just in the position where I need to see a lot more for myself from both sides(and I can't see any way around both needing an analodue stick device like a nunchuck either-and using a DS3 one handed is naff and doesn't work for everuone Sony!)before I can say IF they'll work that well let alone with which bloody games.

What's plain is that they both aim for more precision than Nintendo and MS want to do it with far fewer post cam add ons and so the proof of the pudding is a long way from being proven when we don't have a clue when we'll get to sit down at the table let alone eat the damn thing!Sorry for the over long manipulation of a pretty notmal saying there!

But you get my point-it's not like there's been a lot of "hands on" for the gamer in the street so we're going purely on whjat they want us to see and hear atm and I've learned to expect rather less than I'm promised in this industry!

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