Dragon Age: Origins Gamespot PC Review

Gamespot review the long-awaited Dragon Age: Origins from Bioware...

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Delta5322d ago

LOL PC-9.5>PS3-9>360-8.5 Awesome review.

NecrumSlavery5322d ago

A Bioware game scored higher on PS3 than 360?

WoW, why? Thought 360 is optimal PC port gaming.

Well sweet deal, been wanting a new RPG since Fallout DLC's about spent

StanLee5322d ago

This game is bland and dated. The mechanics, story, leveling, micromanaging, all feel dated. If this game was made by any other developer other than BioWare it would have received a much lower score. The review community in gaming is slowing deteriorating into one based on puedo-celebrity and hype.

TheIneffableBob5322d ago

PC version is by far the best, as expected. :)

yog-sothot5321d ago


I love my consoles, but I have never had any doubt that I would play the "spiritual successor of Baldur's Gate" on my good old PC !

Nice review

(damn, another game to buy !)

Nihilism5322d ago (Edited 5322d ago )

9.5 for a multiplat, bioware, you the man!...i mean men...and women.

I'm pleasantly suprised that they a dev put the effort in to make the pc that extra bit better. They haven't forgotten their roots unlike other devs we know


@ judas-savior

"/wrists "

i don't get it

Nihilism5322d ago

"that they a dev "

where were the grammar police to take me away for that one, it must have been that meth on toast i had this morning...

The Meerkat5322d ago

I wish I had enough spare time to play this game.

TiberusX875322d ago (Edited 5322d ago )


Well done Bioware. :)

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jznrpg192d ago

Any game you want to play.


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robtion515d ago

Agree Fallout should be on there.

MadLad515d ago

And somehow Planescape Torment doesn't even make the list.

Crows90515d ago

Hollow knight surpasses these.