Xbox360 Devs Can't Match PS3 Exclusives Without The X-Engine

Currently in the fourth year the wow factor of the Xbox360 in terms of forward movement with their exclusive titles hasn't been as strong and that's something that can hurt them in the long run especially when Sony has proved they have the upper hand with the power of the PS3.

2009 may very well have been a time for Xbox360 to restructure because 2010 seems to be turning out to be the exact opposite in terms of game quality, and the answer is the X-Engine.

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Bloodshedder3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

hiphop gamer! thats the word, but can someone tell me what the videos abouth? not in the mood for the "hiphop mood"

Maddens Raiders3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

anyway, this video sucks and the X-engine will create more spectacular shades of grey?

ZootHornRollo3271d ago

can some one tell hip hop about AA. and maybe how to use it.

and the best thing about this guy is he things EDTV is HDTV

Skip_Bayless3271d ago

Microsoft first needs the exclusive developers that can actually make games that look amazing. They have Bioware and Epic that's it. Their other developers aren't experienced enough to make a good looking game.

presto7173271d ago

Never heard that one before...

Elvfam5113271d ago

but haven't seen or read about what it really is if

it suppose bring back the Xbox 360 then good

starvinbull3271d ago

I'm all for better looking games but until I see something on a par with KZ2 I won't treat this news with any respect.

It's all well and good saying that the 360 can do "more" but where's the evidence? Are we to believe that the 360 is as powerful or more powerful than the PS3 but for years M$ have been concealing it?

Funny that this news comes out at a time when M$ drop the HD requirements on games to get better graphics.

starvinbull3271d ago


I think you mean de-interlacing not AA.

siyrobbo3271d ago

thank god flipflopgamer is here to tell us all what we already read about on N4G months ago

morganfell3271d ago

The article would have begun truthfully had the phrase "Without The X-Engine" been dropped from the title.

insomnium3271d ago

Shouldn't you be concentrating on your next match instead of reading n4g? Shoo! Now get out of here and beat that Brett lol!!

SL1M DADDY3271d ago

That any engine that is created to help make Xbox 360 games look better would simply be used to help the 360 "catch up" in terms of graphics to the PS3 and the PS3 would continue to stay one step ahead of the games. MS should have been focusing on this engine a year ago when it would have proven to make a difference. Now, the PS3 is the beast in terms of graphics and game play and the 360 is simply trying hard to keep up.

It's these kinds of articles that bring me back tot he one argument that Xbox fans had about how the PS3 only had 256mb of RAM and how it was going to prevent the PS3 from ever having better looking games than the original Resistance... Oh the good old days. lol

techie3271d ago

He's just reading out this article:

wxer3271d ago

there is no X-Engine
its just a myth in xboxfanboys heads

and there in no C1
C1 was just the code name of the 360's GPU

Demon55003271d ago

Well due to MS harsh NDA they place upon our heads, you wonder why we never say any thing, At the end of the day we still need to keep our job, sony do not care what there dev's speak about or show, it is all ways out the door Ms were like this when 360 first hit the lunch window, but now they have every dev keep quite in till the big show starts then consumers will understand why, MS have a no media or leaking of information policy in regards to x-engine which is a code name dev studio pined the new sdk that we got earlier this year cos it had a new engine new tools, for branch instruction sets and other. So my only point is sony had a better 1 gig sdk kit with edge tools up and running before ms had it sorted, sony devs have had a lot more time with there first party engine and sdk, it makes sense that ps3 games would out perform 360 but how power full is x-engine as a first party engine that is the question I ask the devs in the know that come here will x-engine out perform the ps3 first party tools. As a dev and the fact I have an nda I will say one thing the wait is all most over, And MS have not been canning games like the story's on the net have been saying they are porting them to the new engine , they are also adding new game pay elements as well:) the wait is all most over

raztad3271d ago

I guess MS internal devels dont know about this fabled X-engine either. Turn-10 is really needing the x-engine.

Here is an analysis of the Digital Foundry guys comparing Forza 3 with GT5 PROLOGUE. The old good GT5P destroys Forza 3 in every department

corneliuscrust3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

You BOTH mean INTERPOLATION. Smoothing pixels.

AA is to smooth edges in 3D renders, deinterlacing is converting fielded frames into full screen frames (often using techniques such as 3:2 pulldown)

Xgamerzus3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

LOL X-Engine!! I hope its an add on HD& EDRAM card!!
Funny stuff X-engine .
BUt if THis Engine aka Update !!!LOL,
could free up 100 MB of Ram that would definitely be a Plus!!But that's not a engine in the same way Sony is actually releasing Firmware updates ,they dont call them engines,btw LOL!!That free up RAM for Developers.
SO tiss tiss. BS..!!!!!

But still BOttlenecks like ED-Ram and no HD and No CO-GPU (aka Cell to utilize)
There will be no way it can match PS3 Exclusives,After GOW3 comes out and GT5.
Lets compare X-engine to the Next Resistance 3 and Killzone 3 engines at native resolutions!!
Guess what Sony is working on Freeing up RAM as well.BUT not as much because!!
What PS3 gamers GET!!! is in game custom soundtracks!!!
Amazing seem less in game menu options and navigation,and in game HD bluray video,List goes on Id rather have all the Bells and whistles Then lose that Ram to a game that really doesn't need it because we have a Hardrive for streaming etc...
NEXT 360 already!!
Next 360 please!!!

3271d ago
wxer3271d ago

now the 360 is 4 years old right ??

if it was so easy to work with and develop
add to that the MS is a big software company

why the hell its taking them so damn long to make it ???
because as i said their is no such thing

tordavis3271d ago

Halo 3, Alan Wake and Splinter Cell Conviction says 'Hi!'


Bodyboarder_VGamer3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

What with Halo 3, Alan Wake and Splinter Cell Conviction? I just don't get it... @tordavis.

Here's your X-Engine: http://xengine.sourceforge.... , as you can see it's nothing special. In fact, Cry Engine 3 is vastly superior. Look for the documentation.

Look at these screen shots: http://xengine.sourceforge....

That's on par with N64 graphics...

Here's another link for more prove that HHG doesn't even know what is he talking about:

Man this is so pathetic it's sad. Nobody's working with the X-Engine anymore... XNA = FAIL

Unending Punishment3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

What's with the off topic posts? And the anti-Xbox 360 comments? I'd hope that your time was worth a little bit more than fanboy flaming.

X Engine will certainly make quite a bit more improvement than "shades of grey". As I've been able to research, Microsoft did cull some of Xenos' functionality back in 2005 when they released the first dev kits that used a subset of Direct X 9.0c. Tessellation was one of those features (ATi gpus starting from the 2xxx series have this). The Xenos gpu was way ahead of its time.


It wasn't you, and you're not the only one I called out. Do a little thing called read and research. But still, it's off topic since you're mentioning a comparison of Forza and Gran Turimso in a discussion that has nothing to do with either.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3271d ago

@Unending Punishment, the X-Engine doesn't exist! Read my links before clicking the disagree button.

It is just me or people just like to be ignorant?

:::The X-Engine Has Been Discontinued:::

I have decided to stop work on the X-Engine. Although a lot of progress has been made, the code is poorly written and not designed well. However, not all progress will be lost. The engine is the inspiration for my new project, the Innovation Engine.

raztad3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )


Which anti-xbox comment dude?

I just posted an analysis from Digital Foundry, an analysis kept in very low degrees in this site in order keep people away from it. If you want to close your eyes to facts, dont read it and continue thinking whatever you do.

My post is not off topic. We are discussing about the X-engine as a xbox tool to up its games visual fidelity, my point is THAT engine or just doesnt exist or is nothing to have high hopes for.

Unending Punishment3271d ago

The X Engine has already been developed. It was released to developers with the new dev kits, also everytime you go to download the latest Direct X drivers it has the XNA logo on the Install screen. New updates will be posted to both the Direct X/XNA SDK and the X Engine. They've merged their work in both areas into one SDK and the X Engine in particular is designed exclusively for game development on Xbox 360.

They're unifying under the X, lol :D

Elaine Benes3271d ago

everything he says is mindless crap, that he doesnt even think about, he just says it.

BeachBar693271d ago

But what if they got gay tony and the x engine.

MattOG7113271d ago

RAGE, Brink, New Crytek game, and Splinter Cell Conviction all look very good so WTF is the logic here? BFBC2 looks very very goos and it is multi-plat.

mega BIG time3270d ago

how about this anti-xbox comment raztard:

"I guess MS internal devels dont know about this fabled X-engine either. Turn-10 is really needing the x-engine."

Saaking3270d ago

Xbox 360 can't match PS3 PERIOD.

FACTUAL evidence3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

Well, hopefully this mysterious "X engine" can make 360 graphics look half as decent as heavenly sword.

raztad3270d ago


What's with that comment? I think you need to improve your reading skills.

"I guess MS internal devels dont know about this fabled X-engine either. Turn-10 is really needing the x-engine." <---Where is the anti-xbox comment?

Let me explain it slowly for you. If the X-engine is real and it's THAT good why we dont see it in action? that was my post. Turn-10 is a key developer and Forza 3 is a new product yet it cant compete with Gt5P? I'm not saying game's crap, just it cant compete as the link proves.

"RAGE, Brink, New Crytek game, and Splinter Cell Conviction all look very good so WTF is the logic here? BFBC2 looks very very goos and it is multi-plat." <--- Let those games to come out before to draw conclusions.

Bloodshedder3270d ago

yea, Fedor should be traingin but you know Fedor he nevers takes a fight lightly

Maddens Raiders3270d ago

"Raztad, MaddensRaiders, and Morgenfell...
What's with the off topic posts? And the anti-Xbox 360 comments? I'd hope that your time was worth a little bit more than fanboy flaming."

The 1st pt of my response was directly to bloodshedder's comments and is quite on topic. Flame? I've ((never)) heard of the X-engine and was admittedly poking a little fun at GoW2 which is always held up as the 360's crowning achievment and happens (to have a lot of grey) lol

chill out man, nothing personal against your console of choice..

edgeofblade3270d ago

You are not my boy. You could not be further from my boy.

No, I do not know how you roll, and I care not.

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tripewire3271d ago

Anything related to MS touting graphics is a joke. How many times will people get stung by this company?

I'll believe it when I see it.

PirateThom3271d ago

People will always let themselves get strung along by Microsoft.

Show nothing real of Natal = Revolution in gaming
Show nothing of Halo Reach = Best Halo game ever

And on and on.

Halo3 MLG Pro3271d ago

Same thing can be said about Sony and pretty much every other company. It's called good marketing and hype. That's how things like games, movies, and pretty much any form of entertainment works.

mikeslemonade3271d ago

Sony doesn't get away with things as easily. Every Mario and Halo game that comes out is a automatic 9 and Gears also. Sony has to work to get a 9.

Godmars2903271d ago

I'm actually going to agree with you for once, MLG Pro.

Of course when Sony does it, we get the KZ2 and Motor Storm CG trailers which then become target marks.

When MS does it, we get talk hype and spinets of CG that in-game cut scenes don't come close.

beardpapa3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Life in a nutshell for Sony at the office of Video Games Inc.

Coworker: "Hey! How's your day?"
Sony: "Same ol' same ol'. Working hard as always."
Coworker: "Oh yea? Got anything interesting going on?"
Sony: "yea, I made a really impressive work flow for the company. I think it'll really revamp the work coming out of the company."
Coworker: "Cool. That sounds great man. Maybe you'll get a promotion."

Sony's day at a meeting in Video Games Inc.

Boss: "So what do you guys have for me for this week's ideas?"
Sony: "Well, I created this spreadsheet and presentation that should give the company some ideas on a more effective production line. I think it'll completely change how we do things."
Boss: "Oh that's mighty impressive Sony. It's good work but ..."
Sanda: "Hey boss?"
Boss: "Yes Sanda? By the way, looking exceptional today."
Sandra: "Teehee. I got an idea. I don't have a spreadsheet or anything. Just a sticky note. Umm... we can do this and that and I think it'll completely change how we do things. "
Boss: "Mmm.. yes! Indeed. That's entirely perfect. You get a raise Sandra."
Sandra: "YAy! *kisses hugs XOXO*"

After the meeting...
Coworker: "So how'd it go pal?"
Sony: "Eh.. not too great. My idea went through, but that new girl in town. She's a looker. I think she hit home run."
Coworker: "Oh yea? What'd she propose?"
Sony: "She had nothing to propose! Practically stole my idea and told higher ups some tidbits here and there. She had no idea what she was blabbering about. The only thing she knew correct was winking at the boss."
Coworker: "I guess we're not gonna see any changes going on at work then... same ol' same ol'. Back to old school."
Sony: "Yea... it's like nobody ever really takes notice about my work." *Sigh*

point is? Sony cranks out some high quality stuff, but sadly, don't have a strong supporting marketing scheme to impress. They work hard, but don't speak loud enough.

Halo3 MLG Pro3271d ago

"Sony doesn't get away with things as easily. Every Mario and Halo game that comes out is a automatic 9 and Gears also. Sony has to work to get a 9."

Congratulations. That's the dumbest comment of the day. :)

Killzone 2 and Motorstorm CG trailers are a great example. Both showed fake gameplay and everybody went bananas. Even I did. Seeing the mud being flinged on the windshield from the inside of your ride was just plain awesome. Unfortunately, it was just to build hype since none of it actually was in game.

So yes Sony and Microsoft and everybody else does it. Don't give me this garbage PirateThom that only Microsoft just does it.

mikeslemonade3271d ago

Wrong... you need to read more carefully. Yea they marketed it that way but at the end of the day Killzone 2 and Motorstorm both scored 8-8.5 and didn't sell that many copies. Therefore Sony doesn't get away with things as easily as Microsoft or Nintendo. Microsoft gets a 9.0+ on Halo ODST which is a full price game and sells like 5 million copies even though the game looks terrible. Halo 3 already looked really mediocre in 2007. Nintendo with Wiifit, Wiisports, and Mario automatically sell millions of copies and all get 9.0.

Halo3 MLG Pro3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Yeah yeah yeah, it's all a conspiracy, blah blah blah. I read your excuses already. Save it for somebody else that cares.

PLAYstar3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

"Seeing the mud being flinged on the windshield from the inside of your ride was just plain awesome. Unfortunately, it was just to build hype since none of it actually was in game."

It wasn't a fake, the mud was actually implemented into the game, but later got taken off because of noobs complaining about having difficulties of seeing the track, and if you get your eyes off the track for a sec in Motorstorm, you're going downhill. :/

Oh and yes it is all conspiracy. We all knew that... Just ask why staff at 1UP got fired, Just ask what happen with the monkeys working at GameSpot..

mikeslemonade3271d ago

Game reviewers and consumers right now have there heads up Microsoft's ass higher than Sony's. Microsoft has definitely earned the right for that too because they spend the most in advertising and the most in securing exclusive deals. Only right now with the PS3 price drop and Uncharted 2 more people are getting enlightened.

Karum3271d ago

Everyone does do it you're right but Sony don't get the same free pass as Microsoft and the 360 seem to get though.

Sony make claims about what their console can do and are harrassed over it by the gaming media. People make claims about what the 360 can do, including MS too. Here's the difference though, Sony have backed their claims up with games that are technically beyond anything else on the console market.

Yes the original KZ2 trailer was CGI but guess what, the actual gameplay turned out to look just like that trailer. That is why when I see TV commercials for the likes of Killzone 2 and inFAMOUS on TV there are messages at the bottom of the screen that actually says "Actual gameplay footage" or "all footage shot in game" in the case of inFAMOUS.

When the Gears of War 2 commercials were showing on TV here in the UK, it wasn't actual gameplay, it was a pre-rendered video with the message "graphics representative of gameplay" - the TV ad for Forza 3 that is running on TV in the UK right now is exactly the same.

sikbeta3271d ago

"Same thing can be said about Sony and pretty much every other company. It's called good marketing and hype"

Well, now all of you know the truth, it doesn't matter if is the worst game ever made, because M$ will start a big marketing campaign with a huge hype storm and the xbox owners will buy it in a heartbeat


wxer3271d ago

you are right
e.g. halo is the most over rated / over hyped game of all time

JoySticksFTW3271d ago

Truer words have never been spoken...

And on a side note, is "truer" even a real word? ;P

Everyone has to admit that we've been playing basically the same Mario experience for decades with just a new trick here and there. And that's great. I know what I want and expect from a Mario title.

Mario's last huge "improvement" was going 3D (though I'll say that the real improvement is going back to 2D for the latest DS and Wii games. And old-school VC Mario game FTW!)

But every new Mario game that comes out is insta-classic status with the same old game play.

The same can be said for Link and Halo.

Heck, ODST's great new feature was ripped off from Gears and it still got 9's.

Sony has to put out a near-perfect game to get an 8.9. and has to perform miracles to break into 9 status.

It's pretty amazing to witness this phenomenon.

Conspiracy Theory time...

I actually heard that this happens because, Sony got a little too big for their britches winning the last two console wars. Without any competition, Sony grew so big that they could treat people any way that they wanted.

So there was a concerted effort by media, devs, and publishers alike to even out the playing field. This way Sony wouldn't be the sole dictator calling all of the shots.

This is a rumor, but did anyone hear anything else like this?

ChozenWoan3271d ago

Whats funny to me is that I've seen lots of the "we are ODST" commercials and not one frame of gameplay. Same thing happened with Halo Wars and MS got a pass. Sony shows gameplay, gameplay, gameplay in it's commercials, especially this new ad campaign. It's interesting how Sony's games look so good that they are compared to movies and CGI when it's the harder system to program for and has been on the market for a year less than the 360.

How did that happen... hmmmm? lol

Halo3 MLG Pro3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

LMAO! And the excuses continues...

You guys should enter the circus because this is good stuff.

kunit22c3271d ago

that was almost true except, Super Mario Sunshine didn't get 9's... The press average is 8.5 so there goes that, but its not only the fact that sony has to work at it but its also because alot of these sites are biased against Sony for whatever reason. Not very many non biased sites these days.

HDgamer3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Of course the 360 can't match it graphically when it comes to exclusives, the fanboys will claim superiority only if it's a multiplat lol. Thats their excuse, it's superior on the 360 just because a biased video comparison of a game that they never played before it was released and only on a console they own. Have fun playing Iron man because it's "superior"

hoops3271d ago

Odd.I remember when everyone use to say the same things about the PS2 compared to the Xbox 1 LOL

3271d ago
Chubear3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Look, fools will be fools and you can't do nothing about that but use them when you need too.

The first thing that should make your ears stands up is how developers on the 360 are claiming the X-Engine "can" "match" PS3 exclusives. How the hell is a console that says it's better than the PS3 and has been out longer, going into year 5, is only now talking about "matching" (not surpassing) what a console younger than it has been doing in essentially year 2.

We saw KZ2 in gameplay in yr 2 of the PS3 and it could have come out in Nov if not for tight scheduling with Resistance2 and MS developers are telling you 'wait, it is "possible" to do KZ2, UC2 type graphics in yr5 of the 360..but only with this Engine"

Chubear3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

That's complete BS. Games on the 360 will look better in 2010 because.. IT"S 2010! They're supposed to look better. Halo Reach will look better cause... it's out in 2010! Halo Reach will look no better than Bioshock, MW or Splinter Cell (all multiplat games) but because it'll look miles better than any Halo game to date, it will be touted by it's fans as even better than KZ7.

But all others will see it for what it is, a halo game that finally looks like current gen material graphically but nothing we've not seen from many other multiplatform games. They'll throw out some tech mumbo jumbo word about techniques they used with the game like they do with - "FORGE!" (gimped map editor) or "FIREFIGHT!" (co-op mode done by other games already) or "TIRE DEFLEXING" or "DEFINITIVE" just some random buzz word and Halo fans will lose their minds.

They'll all go out, even pay $100 for online to make sure they get the "full online experience" of Halo Reach & it'll get it's usual helpings of 11/10s from all NA media outlets but at the end of the day, gamers outside the Halo aura will see the 360 games in 2010 & beyond for what they are - better looking games on the 360 from previous years.

If MS's 360 could do Uncharted, Infamous, KZ2, MGS4 type graphics they would have long ago and not touting that they're going to likely do what the PS3 is doing... soon. Sounds exactly like a ploy to just keep it's base engaged in the product.

DaTruth3271d ago

Why bother with it. Their next generation machine is almost due! Guess the recession is burning their plans for jumping ship again.

By the time this launches to make games comparable to PS3 2009, PS3 2010 games will already be destroying the 2009 games... and they will be in 3D.

But I actually hope this is true, so 360 fans can finally get something worth their money. MS practically threw away a whole year already(2009)!

3271d ago
Godmars2903271d ago

Considering that Natal will constitute a re-launch of the 360, its going to be funny if they then announce a whole new console within a year.

Unending Punishment3271d ago

It's better than what Sony did trying to convince gamers that original KillZone 2 trailer was in realtime.

At least Microsoft doesn't pull off the wraps until it's ready.

3rik3270d ago

And I mean VERY GOOD WORK. They have put out good games and a good console. But Microsoft has a better marketing team. Much like the earlier post about the hard worker vs the hot girl. I do have to say though, I am enjoying the new PS3 commercials. Maybe the hard worker has been going to the gym and got a hair cut.

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kaixxi3271d ago

its hiphoplamer
enough said

and what the hell is the x engine
seriously whats next the
F engine?

Persistantthug3271d ago

Why not just watch the video and learn something new?

This X Engine is something new for me too, I actually appreciate him educating me on it.

siyrobbo3271d ago

ha ha ha, hiphopgamer and educating in the same sentence?

What did you actually 'learn'?

I watched the video, and he didnt have a clue what he was talking about

jerethdagryphon3271d ago

Sounds like its a new toolset/devkit to enable more efficient use of memory an thread managment, alternitivly it could be a redone xbox os with a much smaller footprint

if its the first there will be some growth from using it but not huge leaps and bounds, ie dont expect ps2-360 style graphics jumps

if the latter then it will simpley give more memory for devs to use

XxZxX3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Ehhh X-engines or not, XBOX 360 just need a more powerful quad core

Ju3271d ago

...and a new GPU, and more memory, and a new bigger optical drive, and a WiFi, and BlueTooth. Did I forget anything ?

Unending Punishment3271d ago

Er, it's the PS3 that needs a new gpu. RSX is a relic from an era in PC gaming long since abandoned.