VGC Review: Dreamkiller

VGC writes: "You may not have heard of Dreamkiller before so I'll bring you up to speed. Dreamkiller is a short little run-and-gun FPS title, available for the PC and Xbox 360. You play as Alice Drake (most certainly no relation to Nathan), a sort of self-made psychologist who is able to actually enter the minds of her most troubled patients in order to root out the demons lurking within by shooting them, naturally. By wiping out all of the monsters within her patients' minds she is effectively able to cure them of their phobias. The concept is quite interesting; there's clearly potential for a great story with unique and interesting gameplay mechanics to match it. Unfortunately, as you may have guessed from the score I've given the game, any potential remains largely (but not wholly) untapped. The concept is mainly let down by bland, repetitive, mindless gameplay and dated graphics."

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