Spawn Kill Review: Eufloria

A new review from Spawn Kill on the Indie PC RTS game, Eufloria. The writer describes how the game may appeal to some, but certain faults with the game may have lost her interest. It's all about what you're looking to get out of the game.

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K-Tuck3270d ago

This game looks peaceful. I would like to see it in motion.

Snarkasaur3270d ago

Well, at the very least it has a pretty name. And that's 9/10ths of the law.

tigresa3270d ago

It does look peaceful, may it Rest In Peace.

ihaten4glol3270d ago

Looks like a beautiful game regardless.

Astrella3269d ago

Trust me, you get tired of staring at the hundreds of little dots, because like I said in the review, I very rarely watched anything close up since I had to watch a bunch of asteroids at once. :(

3269d ago
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