Heavy Rain Demo Incoming

Launching in early 2010, Sony and Quantic Dream will be releasing a major PS3 hitter in the form of Heavy Rain. Though David Cage of Quantic Dream does confirm a demo will hit.

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UnSelf3453d ago

Henshin a go go baby!!

(fast forwards time)

wxer3453d ago

oh man
i hope its not big like MAG's beta and GOW3 demo

ico923453d ago

im suprised there is a demo i really wouldnt have expected it from a game as complexed as heavy rain but the real question big is it gonna be

Whitefox7893453d ago


Lifendz3453d ago

Taxidermist stage they showed at that one event maybe a year ago. Short, concise yet detailed enough, and it wouldn't spoil anything for the main game. Plus it's already done so why not.

HolyOrangeCows3453d ago

It's nice to try before you buy.

sikbeta3453d ago

Awesome, this game is made for ME and I don't care if it's like a movie or not, I'll enjoy it non stop

rockleex3453d ago

Seeing as how it's not an actual part of the game, it would fulfill its purpose of letting players know what kind of game Heavy Rain is.

All that, without having to spoil any parts of the story.

Hideo_Kojima3452d ago

The demo will not be able to get the people in the story enough to make them feel for the characters meaning people will not like it.

I heard the first 3 levels are about learning one of the characters where you do things like take care of your son.

This is probably a very stong story driven game.

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Nelson M3453d ago

Continues to pour down hard on all BoTs
But for the PS3 owners the Sun is always shining

BX813453d ago

Are you sure that's the sun or the YLOD?

TheTeam063453d ago

Lemme check.........

.......nnnno it's the sun =)

Plopito3453d ago

Supposedly it's gonna be a demo this weekend at the playstation event here in Mexico

here's the the link maybe true

Jsynn73453d ago

That should be pretty awesome. I dread to see how big the file size will be. Can't wait though!

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The story is too old to be commented.