Spawn Kill Review: Fallout 3 GOTY

"Pushing through lag, scraping all of the fun that can be gathered without losing patience, and being punted out of a game is painful and embarrassing, and shows that Bethesda doesn't have as much commitment as Fallout 3 has promise."

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Resistance_lord3276d ago

Ewww this is a nasty review lol

rrquinta3276d ago

This is just so disappointing. I guess they're hoping the name will carry them, but you'd think, esp for a GOTY edition, that they'd iron out all the bugs... :S

Snarkasaur3276d ago

This honestly breaks my heart. I won't be buying it now, I can say that much. I was so looking forward to playing through the DLCs too. T_T

K-Tuck3276d ago

The DLC definitely shows promise.

theherp803276d ago

I personally havent had any issues with it but then again im only at level 7 so...

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