Is The DSi XL Worthwhile?

Nidzumi writes: In what will be less than a year after the DSi, Nintendo are ready to release the Nintendo DSi XL during early 2010. Naturally there will be some backlash to those who reluctantly upgraded to the now obsolete DSi but isn't this a practice widely used across other areas of technology?

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butterfinger3276d ago

older people getting this version of the DSi, because I doubt that they are carrying around a DS in their pocket everywhere they go. The DS does have an older fan base as well mostly due to the great puzzle games on the platform. I definitely won't be selling my DSi to pick this one up, though. I just hope Nintendo's next handheld has a DS game slot.

PS360WII3276d ago

anything DS is worthwhile silly!

but saying the DSi is obsolete because of this is not very true... well unless you have bad eyesight in which case you wouldn't have any handhelds really