Ve3tro: Tropico 3 Review

Ve3tro writes: ""How do I review Tropico 3?". Thats a question I have been asking myself a little bit too much. It's such a huge, immersive game, that to put everything into words would take days. I went into this game with no knowledge of Kalypso's previous Tropico games and was daunted by the depth. You take control of an island, akin to Cuba, starting out in the early 50's you have to build and manage your population. Sounds simple but when you factor in poverty, rebellion, tourism, religion, politics, disease and weather then it suddenly becomes more of a challenge.

The tutorial mode will be the first place you will visit in Tropico, teaching you the basic controls and menu navigation that is key to you staying in power. The finer points are told to you by your head advisor, an amusing voice over that sadly does not feature in the main game. Taking my basic knowledge I boldly head out onto the sunny shores of Tropico's campaign.

You get to choose which island to play, each one dropping you into a different unpleasant situation. After choosing your island, you choose your avatar. You can choose from various well-known leaders or make your own. Like everything else in the game there is a huge range of options available to you. Have you ever wanted to create a flatulent, ugly pirate who was placed there by the CIA? What about a Tourretes Syndrome suffering, militant pop star? Every choice affects your leadership. If your flatulent then your relation with different factions will suffer and palace guards will require a higher basic pay rate. I have just listed the comedic traits but there is a whole list of different advantages and disadvantages, so many that you will struggle to create the same character twice."

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