Paradox Review: Zombie Tycoon (PSP Mini's).

Excerpt from article: "For the last few years Zombies have been looking to become video gaming's biggest fad; firmly taking the 'done to death' mantle from WWII and appearing in just about every genre of game imaginable. In fairness to the undead horde though, we have been blessed with some great games featuring their brain eating antics, such as Left 4 Dead, Dead Rising and Plants Vs Zombies.

Just released by Frima Studio on PSN as part of the new Mini's range, Zombie Tycoon is a resource management RTS where the player takes control of the undead army and attempts to destroy the human race. The game takes place over 10 city levels and there are around 100 items which can be used to customize the Zombies in your 3 squads."

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