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With the new Jak & Daxter finally hitting the stores this week, is it one of the games on the PSP and PS2 that is worth owning? - JPS

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Sarcasm3274d ago

SWEET, getting this.

I don't know which I want more from Naughty Dog, Uncharted 3, a new IP, or a new Jak and Daxter.

jmd7493274d ago

a new open world jak and dax on the ps3 would be freaking sweet, could you imagine the jaw dropping visuals?! uncharted 2 will last long enough thanks to the multiplayer, i can definitely wait for uncharted 3.

bigrudowsky3274d ago

I want to see what else they can do. I want someone to make a fast paced tps horror game and i think they can do it.

Madusha3274d ago

Getting it on day 1 for sure, got all the Jak and Daxter games so far :D

Nice review, well written and a good rating of 4.5/5 .

ReservoirDog3163274d ago

Oh God, I forgot all about this. I'm definitely getting this but I would like to replay the series before I do that.

Played and loved all the Jak games (minus that racing one but that's only cause I suck at racing games).

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bigrudowsky3274d ago

I dont think an open world game could look as good as ucharted but i think they could do something good with it just no jd never liked those games.

Digitaldude3274d ago

High Impact games seems to be on both of the ratchet and jak sides.
Another quality game from them it seems, i personally enjoyed size matters and secret agent clank.