Yen causing Sony and Square-Enix to suffer

The U.S Dollar keeps falling, and the Japanese Yen keeps on rising. It's not Microsoft, nor Nintendo who's Sony's biggest worry, it's the projection that the Yen will continue to go up, and the U.S Dollar down.

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SiteNblog Defender3270d ago

PS3, it only does everything....except generate profits.

3sq3270d ago

And exactly why do you care???

54percent3270d ago

because he is too young to understand that in economy when the money of a country gains strength compared to the money of other country the products of this country will be more expensive to the country with the weaker coin.

and that's why his brain just process :
"dur hur hur!11 PS3, it only doez everithing....eccept generate profitzzzzzz. "

commodore643270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

@ 54percent

Isn't it funny that you display tremendous intelligence and insight when it comes to the technicalities of the exchange rate woes of exporting Japanese manufacturers, but you fail to display the same tremendous intelligence and insight regarding a demonstrably very flawed statistical study, as reflected in your username?

'dur dur1!1 54 percent! dur 11!'

Dude, take a good long look into the mirror:

54percent3270d ago

and you fail in proof your point by give in me the reason and instead a good follow up you rant me about something said here at the open zone... in fact you fail in trying to reason in the open zone

Anon19743270d ago

So his comment is just dead wrong. According to Kaz, the PS3 makes money. Sony's Networked products division is losing money, and the PS3 only makes up a part of that just like Microsoft's Entertainment division is more than just the Xbox360. We know that the PS3 is profitable because Sony has told us, but we don't know if the same is true for the 360.

I've personally never seen Microsoft say if they make money off the 360 or not overall. Recently, analysts commented that MS still takes a loss on every 360 sold, much like the PS3, but who knows if they make up for it or not.

Man_of_the_year3270d ago

"and you fail in proof your point by give in me the reason and instead a good follow up you rant me about something said here at the open zone... in fact you fail in trying to reason in the open zone"

Sooo....what you are saying is because its the open zone, it's ok for you to spread ignorance and FUD rather than to use your obvious intelligence to educate and correct others?

hmm. I guess Commador was wrong. You are not to intelligent. You just like to follow the crowd rather than lead it.

54percent3270d ago

Shut up! Leela hates you

xcox3270d ago

and the inevitable xbot tears tsunami about sales numbers XDDD

then there'll be an after-shock wave of tears cuz of mass DVD9 drive failures

commodore643269d ago

Yeah 54%.... lol
I retract my statement about your purported intelligence.

In fact, you are just another angry 12 year old (maybe 40 year old?) ps3 fanboy with glaringly obvious double standards and little personal insight.

Why do i waste my time?

Man_of_the_year3269d ago

"Shut up! Leela hates you"

Is that before or after i rocked her world?

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Obama3270d ago

The 360 on the other hand makes the bots suffer by not having any games.

ps3ftwin3270d ago

what are you talking about man?

its got halo..

and that runs at 540p :P

all a 360 gamer could ever wish for.

G3TDOWN3270d ago

bring the FF PS3 exclusive back, I myself will raise the dollar

NaiNaiNai3270d ago

you mean bring it back to nintendo? you know the system that saved SS in the first place. you know the system that started this whole thing.

ReservoirDog3163270d ago

Plus they also say FF VI is by far the best one. On the SNES.

I really gotta play VI.

SaiyanFury3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

Actually it wasn't Nintendo that saved Squaresoft, it was Squaresoft's "Final" Fantasy that saved themselves. It was intended to be the last game they made as a company, hence the title, "Final Fantasy". The last ditch effort to save themselves on the NES/Famicom ended up making them a huge success. Squaresoft's Final Fantasy VII was the title on the original Sony PlayStation that really propelled the series and the company mainstream to a larger audience. It was on the original PlayStation that Squaresoft saw their biggest advancements. So many great titles can be spoken of: Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy Tactics, FF8, and so many more. I also have extremely fond memories of Brave Fencer Musashiden.

Personally, I don't care if S-E releases FF games cross platform, as long as they don't dumb down versions for specific platforms. IE: I hope they don't reduce the performance of FFXIII on the PS3 because of the 360 version. If 360 gamers want to experience FF13, then more power to them. I originally intended on the PS3 version, as did many other gamers, and I just hope that S-E doesn't gimp the PS3 version to make it work better on the other system. I do hope they make it work well on the 360 though. If they can make it the great game I'm hoping it to be, then I hope that gamers on both platforms can enjoy the game.

4pocalyps33270d ago

SS were going to be bankrupt and final fantasy was their last game that was going to save them. obviously it did, Nintendo didn't save SS, SS saved themselves.


Yh VI is the best on the snes platform i reckon but the best ff game is ff9 in my opinion. i just loved that game.

Saaking3269d ago

Who cares about SE? If FFvXIII (FFXIII is not going to reach it's potential) is not good, they're screwed.

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ssipmraw3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

by the time final fantasy XIII hits(being exclusive in japan and all for the ps3), there wont be a problem for either company, microsoft on the other hand..........

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