OXCGN Gets Down-n-Dirty With Colin McRae Dirt 2's Review

OXCGN writes: "It's been a frantic last couple of months for racing fans on the Xbox 360, with great racing titles such as Race Pro, NFS: Shift, Forza 3 and also Codemaster's Colin McRae: Dirt 2.

The sequel to first iteration, Colin McRae: DiRT, which was released back in 2007, Colin McRae: Dirt 2 features the same great formula of DiRT yet expands even further on it with new features such as race types/styles, a brand new menu layout and a whole new scheme of interactivity in how the game plays throughout the Career Mode."

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gaminoz3271d ago

Sounds like it's pretty good...but there are so many good driving games out now!

XboxOZ3603271d ago

Yes, but this one's just plain 'fun' . . and yet quite addictive once you get going with it.

Persoanlly I found it better than Dirt 1, and much more responsive that Dirt 1.

The environment was much more interactive as well, and if you love in-car view like I do, then this is the 'ants-pants' as they say.

Nothing like flying through a mud puddle behind someone doing about 200ks, the screen gets covered completely in mud, and it takes at least 2 swipes of the wipers to clear it enough to see, then bamm, another ruddy great mud-hole.

Has you with your heart in your mouth waiting for the bang that is sure to happen if you react to it. Sure, you 'could' use 3rd person view, but where's the fun in that . . . no challenge at all.

darkmurder3271d ago

Can't wait for the DX11 goodness on PC.

Godem3271d ago

omg breasts! must buy!

XboxOZ3603270d ago

And you get to put nice tats on them to . . . well . . . not really, but they do know how to attract a persons attention to a section of the game that probably would never gain any attention - right?!