Latest Wiimote Attachment: Baby

Fans of hardcore child-rearing sims will no doubt find 505 Games' Wii-exclusive "Baby and Me" to be a day-one purchase this year, promising a revolutionary new peripheral in which you stick a Wiimote inside a baby.

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FAT MAN GO BOOM3276d ago

Pre-order your collectors edition now!!!
Look out Mario your days are numbered...

Sad thing is if my daughters was a little young I would be buying this for Christmas LOL

dericb113275d ago

The real sad thing is the price of all this. To be honest it would make more sense to buy the baby they use in schools since you don't need to have a Wii on hand to play with it.

fear883275d ago


sunil3275d ago

who knows... maybe this will be the next big thing... /sacrasm

Raz3275d ago

Thanks Nintendo, that's exactly what we need. Training dummies for teen pregnancy.

HolyOrangeCows3275d ago


"Wii Drop Babies on their Heads"

There! Now it'll sell a billion copies.

toaster3275d ago

And Wii developers (the good ones) wonder why people won't take their game seriously....

It's games like this that make the Wii look like it's for kids.
Shame on you Nintendo. Where's my new IP??? I don't want to play Barbie Goes to Fairyland or whatever crap they're pumping out these days.

Sarcasm3275d ago

LMAO I almost choked on my Soda

ZoidsRaven3275d ago

Did Nintendo make this? If not, then why keep blaming Nintendo?


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Chris3993276d ago

It reads like a bad joke.

FAT MAN GO BOOM3276d ago

505 Games is making the game... I was flabbergasted to learn of this...

Barbapapa3275d ago

imagine playing wii sports with this :p

DevilsJoker3275d ago

They make some unbelivable crap, i would know, i own 3 of their games on the PS2 purely because they all had Zombie in the title.

Myst3276d ago

I wonder if this would make an okay gift to give to someone if they are either:
A. Expecting
B. Plan to have a baby.


FAT MAN GO BOOM3275d ago

@Linux Guru, You would have to hate them no???

I can see it now... "Baby and Me Attachment Breaking TVs"

*little Jimmy" My sister would not get off the Nintendo so I could play Smash Bros. So I took the doll and throw it and it hit the tv and broke it...

tunaks13276d ago

this is the stupidest idea I have seen. Nintendo should quality check all the **** that comes out for the Wii, because **** like this will eventually ruin the system.

FAT MAN GO BOOM3276d ago

It is scary if you think about it.. shovelware almost killed gaming in the 80s....

It is not good... for the industry completely

Mista T3275d ago

Mr T thinks it's ironic the ones who saved the industry in the 80s would be tryin to kill it now 0_0

FAT MAN GO BOOM3275d ago

Mr T is right.. the amount of shovelware is killing gaming... and the others are following... MS Natal and Sony Sphere

ChickeyCantor3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

The difference with the 80's was that people had no clue what to make or how to promote their system to be utilized as it should be.
Besides this is for kids, and kids are the most vital group when it comes to income.

Yeah the idea is stupid, but its not the only type of games that are being made for the system. On top of that PS3 and 360 do well with their games right?

The gaming industry is far from collapsing.

And apparently Nintendo accepts this since there is nothing wrong with the quality. Shovel ware to us, great sh/t for kids.

djfullshred3275d ago

No,gaming isn't dying because of these games. Little kids need their own platform, and they have it with the Wii. They sell a lot of Wii's purely because of the family market niche. On the other side of the fence, there are still lots & lots of more serious harder edge games being made for the PS3 & 360.

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