Rumor: Parappa the Rapper 3 Coming to PS3

LootNinja: This month's Electronic Gaming Monthly has a rumor that Parappa the Rapper 3 is scheduled to come out for the PS3. While this is nowhere near far-fetched, it has yet to be confirmed by Sony.

For those who've never played the game, Parappa the Rapper is a simple rhythm game where you hit buttons to correspond to the beat of your extremely cheesy rap song. Sounds boring, but it's actually very fun.

Hopefully this gets confirmed by Sony soon, as it's a very popular series and could generate some much needed revenue for the PS3.

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vhero3271d ago

surprised they never made more of these games the hype must have died...

reintype3271d ago

I love the first 2. Would love to play Part 3. Wow, PS3 is really on fire!

TenSteps3271d ago

from the Onion Karate Teacher to the Lizard Salesman, I loved it at the time.

Nitrowolf23271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

what type of game is this? i heard of it but never tried it. Is it good?
more exclusive, keep on throwing them our way sony

Hellsvacancy3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Its a messed up game man

I rememeber playin this wid sum mates when i was younger we was all SOOO wasted and my mate put it on, i dont remember much about it but i do remember it bein rather trippy, it had sum dude who had an onion (of all things) as a head - how spaced out is that

mastiffchild3271d ago

It was the frikkin words though- "hold the lettuce! Pass the cheese" was stuck in my head for ages and then I couldn't find it again in the game. Found loads of other daftness mind you.

Very odd game indeed-pretty cool change of pace though and would be a good thing for more dog based rapping games to be available for the kids of today. Proper silly stuff.

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