Nintendo Life: Sudoku Review

NL writs: "Sudoku was invented in the late 70's and introduced to Japan in the mid-80's, but it waited nearly thirty years to become a worldwide phenomenon. Newspapers publish sudoku puzzles even more prominently now than the crossword puzzles that have held dominance for nearly a century, and there are sudoku books, toys, and games everywhere you look: everyone is looking to cash in on the popular puzzle fad any way they can. There have been over fifteen different sudoku-based games published for the DS so far, and there are two others already available in DSiWare form: Sudoku Student and Sudoku Master. EA threw their hat into the ring in the middle of 2008 with their Sudoku iPhone app, and now they've brought it straight from the App Store to the DSi Shop. In a world already awash with sudoku mania, how does EA's foray into the well-known stack up?"

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