Evil Avatar: Inferno Pool Review

Evil Avatar writes: "As a once avid pool player I've ran my fair share of tables and played around with pool games on Yahoo! but have never quite found that one definitive pool simulator. Inferno Pool uniquely blends 8 and 9 ball with their own "Inferno" mode that allows you to rub your pool prowess in the face of your friends over XBOX live or 4-player split screen co-op. All the tools are present to keep the casual player engaged and to give the hardened veteran a few good hours of enjoyment as you find the perfect English for your cue ball to land a 10,000 + point combo and sky rocket to the top of the leader boards."

The Good

* Great graphics.
* The ball physics are spot on.
* 4 player split-screen co-op or online multiplayer allow for hours of entertainment for just a few bucks.

The Bad

* A few of the felt choices blend with the ball colors.
* Lacks a career mode.

The Ugly

* If I have to hear that music one more time...

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