PALGN: Red Faction: Guerilla - Demons of the Badlands DLC Review

PALGN writes: "While we understand the need for Demons of the Badlands to be separate from the main game, we still can't help but think it would have worked better as something you actually had to play before the full-length campaign, or was somehow incorporated into the game proper so that you could actually still access other parts of Mars. As it stands, Demons of the Badlands feels a bit like a light version of the original game. It seems a bit redundant for players who have already enjoyed and conquered the main game to go back to the start and play a shorter and less interesting version of a game they've already played. However, credit where credit is due to Volition for giving us a new single player experience with new weapons and vehicles, instead of the standard multiplayer packs that most games release. And this campaign isn't without its charm for completists who want to experience all the Red Faction universe has to offer. Just don't expect very much and you'll get your wish."

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