Red Faction 4, Saints Row 3 confirmed in the works

Nick @ PS3Center writes:

This probably isn't going to surprise anyone, as THQ has talked about sequels to both games in the past, but Red Faction 4 and Saints Row 3 are both currently in production over at THQ. Word of games comes from the LinkedIn profile of an ex-THQ product manager.

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kaveti66163278d ago

Red Faction Guerrilla seemed like a very fun game from the demo. I spent most of my time breaking down buildings with a hammer. Of course, Volition promised that they had the most advanced destructible environments, but it was on the whole very unrealistic. Still, a very fun game.

I have never played a Saint's Row game. But it does look very fun. I'd say in many cases Saint's Row is underrated and GTAIV is overrated.

gaffyh3278d ago

Not too bothered about Saints Row, but Red Faction 4 should be good, Guerrilla was a decent game.

The Creep3278d ago

Hopefully they add gang support straight from the get go

Darkeyes3278d ago

Frankly Red Fraction Guerilla is one of my top multi-plat games this year along with AC2 and Batman. The game came out of nowhere as I just picked it up Used while traveling and really enjoyed it... The graphics are nothing to brag about and the story and cheezy and generic, but the game delivered on the thing that matters most and it was FUN.... Seriously breaking stuff never got old till the end and it created such a great game.

Still sad the online community died so early... This was one of those games where destructible environment created new maps each time, but people soon forgot and moved on.... The game really went under the radar for many people with Infamous vs Prototype crap going on...

For anyone looking for old skool FUN, GO BUY RFG, It's cheep.... Can't wait for RF4

ThanatosDMC3278d ago

RF:G was actually good. I just hope they add full co-op on the next one. I hope they dont F-up the 4th one like they did with the 2nd.

Government Cheese3278d ago

Saints Row 2 was awesome, was kinda buggy, and the vehicle physics were pretty bad. Hopefully they address these issues and make Saints Row 3 amazing.

Arnon3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

"Hopefully they add gang support straight from the get go"

That sounded so goofy.

I never played Saint's Row 2. I heard it was quite underrated, though.

evrfighter3278d ago

picked up RF:G on my PC randomly because I was bored.

Seriously had a good time. It did get repetitive but it lasted a lot longer than Assassins Creed.

edhe3278d ago

Saints Row2, especially in coop, is one of the most fun things i've ever played in my life.

Even just hooking up at the start of the session and showing off our custom rides was fun, nevermind the double-attack chopper sorties into enemy ganglands.

For SR3 i hope they increase the distances that they draw things at, it's still a bit repulsive to chase a car down a street only to have it vanish when you look away.

RF:G tech in SR3? could be a revolution.

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gauntletpython3278d ago

I loved, loved, loved the RFG engine! Yes, it was kinda unrealistic(no way one man could bring down a building with a sledgehammer), but it was so fun!

I remember once I was being chased by the cops. I put mines on all the support pillars in this building, and ran all the way to the top of the building. Then once the enemies got up, a kept smashing holes into the floor til I got the the bottom, ran outside, and blew the whole place up! So fun lol

robotnik3278d ago

Saints Row 2 was very fun, much funnier than GTAIV. I hope they improve the graphic quality, because the fun factor was very high ( running around naked terrorizing people is one of the most bizarre things I have ever made... in a videogame of course).

kurochi3278d ago

I finished Saints Row 2 a couple weeks back and I can honestly say that I was upset at myself for choosing GTAIV first over Saints Row 2. It really was a blast to play and I had more fun with it than GTA 4 (which I think is overrated compared to Saints Row 2).


Saints Row 2 was much better than GTA4..

Blaze9293278d ago

Absolutely loved Saints Row 2 and loved how 100% of it was co-op. Had a blast playing through the whole game with my buddy. And the script was hilarious too. Remember that mission where the Ne-Yo song, "So Sick", came on and one of the characters started singing it? That was hilarious.

I definitely had alot more fun in Saints than GTA. Bring on Saints Row 3!

NYC_Gamer3278d ago

none of the past titles in these franchises caught my attention..

vudu3278d ago

If they never caught your attention why did you take the time to post in a thread talking about them?

likedamaster3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

I would love Red Faction to go back to 1st person view. I appreciate games in 3rd person but prefer a more personal Red Faction like 1 & 2.

micro_invader3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

I don't think it would work very well with the amount of destruction going on, it would be hugely chaotic. Although chaos is usually fun, I'd imagine this would become frustrating because you wouldn't know where the hell you were or what was going on.

Plus, there's not enough TPS out there.

Edit: Alright, if you're going to disagree, please reply detailing what you disagree with. Discussion is key!

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