Unannounced game now shipping at WarTech?

Where,When,and Why this game is here without any conformation?

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deadpreacher4165d ago (Edited 4165d ago )

I don't understand. I seen this games release date months ago. Aint a game i want or nothing, but it's been out there with a release date for months even on main site like

Eclipticus4165d ago

yeah i have heard of this. too. not the WarTech part. but the Senko no Ronde. I new was coming out. But its such a niche game, I could see why not much advertising monies was alloted. But I know its BIG in JAPAN.

ChaosKnight4165d ago

Seriously? Ubisoft picked up the game last month (so says IGN... I thought they picked it up a lot longer ago) and it was released on Tuesday...

Bloodmask4165d ago

Its old school though. It is built on the Naomi(Dreamcast) arcade hardware. It's top down shooter/ fighting hybrid. It won't wow in the graphics department but I like games like this....Another one I would recommend is Ikaruga for Gamecube/Import Dreamcast. It won't sell a million but I'm sure there was little investment money. UBI would have been better off selling it at 30$

MK_Red4164d ago

I watched a trailer and it seemed quite good but this should have been a budget game.

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