How would you change Sony's PlayStation 3 Slim?

Engadget writes: "For the most part, we'd say that Sony addressed the concerns of many when it introduced the PlayStation 3 Slim. The console was smaller, cheaper and easier on the eyes, and of course the 120GB hard drive didn't hurt matters either. That said, we know that the redesign didn't please everyone, and we've heard more than a few PS3 diehards complain about the new design."

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NewScratch3277d ago

i've like the design and think it looks better, at least in my setup, than the "fat" ps3.

im pretty sure this discussion is meant to focus on the industrial design, rather than features, but something tells me that the engadget comments will soon be full of BC and Cross game chat talk.

commodore643277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Backwards compatibility.
beer fridge.


FreeMonk3277d ago

backwards compatability.

A lot of people say they don't play there old PS2 games now, but there are a lot of people out there who do, including me.

The good thing now is that many classic PS2 games are really cheap from trade store, car boots, etc.

I recently picked up Yakuza 1 & 2 for £10 ($16-$17), and can't wait to try them out, but I have to drag my PS2 out and hook it up on the floor, when my PS3 could save me from doing that and have the BC.

Hopefully Sony add this on with some sort of Emulation download, like the 2nd gen PS3 Fat's did!

YoungKiller253276d ago

if you want backwards compatibility go get a 60g they should not add it to the current PS3 its a waste for them to try to incorporate it into the ps3 because its meant to play PS3 games not PS2 games. and im sure they will be bringing back all the classics so it shoudn't be a worry

Bodyboarder_VGamer3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

The award for the most retarded comment of the day it's for.... @YoungKiller25!

This was the best part of his comment:

"and im sure they will be bringing back all the classics so it shoudn't be a worry".

Stupidity at its best. Give more money to Sony for games you already have. That's some of the most stupid reasoning I have ever come to encounter, only possible by TEH FANBOYISM!.

Now Sony, stop ripping us off and give us the damn BC back! My 60Gb died and now I have a Slim but I'm not going to buy another time bomb. And even less one that it's used because its timer's already running!

Mr Logic3276d ago

IR port and a USB in the back.

The Lazy One3276d ago

matte black plastic -> shiny original PS3 plastic

NegativeCreepWA3276d ago

My change would be a problem I just came across while backing up my HDD to put it on a new PS3. Down loadable games, content, and all games saves should be linked to your PSN account. So when you do a backup and restore to a new console everything transfers. Not just select things that are not copyrighted.

YoungKiller253276d ago

if you guys want backwards compatibility please give me your PS3 and ill send you my 60g I DONT CARE

personally i didnt like the PS2 or its games except for GOW i played the XBOX so maybe thats why i dont care about BC but come on people i want to advance my CURRENT GENERATION SYSTEM not go back to last generation and yes I AM A FANBOY so if i didnt have a 60g i would buy all the great PS2 games for the PS3

the only feature i want in my PS3 that isn't in there is System Voice Chat and thats so the 360 fanboys will shut up

ThanatosDMC3276d ago

Yup, just return the gloss.

NegativeCreepWA3276d ago

Return the gloss, why? The gloss coat was a dust magnet it was like wiping A TV down.

TheBand1t3276d ago

I agree. The gloss was one of the main driving factors of me giving away my old PS3 and getting a slim. It got really ugly with all the dust and finger prints. Not to mention the scratches.

Arnon3276d ago

1. Gloss finish
2. Touch-sensitive buttons
3. backwards compatibility. I actually find this odd. Would it have no made more since to incorporate it into the PS3 slim, especially since it's cheaper to make?

ThanatosDMC3276d ago

Just wipe it down with anti-dust liquid. I have no idea how you could get scratches on your PS3 though unless you move it around in your travels.

Grandizer3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Changes I'd like to see on PS3:

*Make it's top flat.
*PS2 compatibility. (software emulation I mean. I can't believe the cell can't do this)
*Re-enable OS install (linux) and enable hardware video acceleration on it.
*Push the USB connectors to 5 or more (Rock Band 1 is still out there and USB Hubs are ugly or expansive)
*Allow third party hardware to work without a dongle.
*Provide a comprehensive PC software (cross OS - Mac/Win/Linux) that could manage the PS3 updates, demo downloads and act as a server for media files, podcasts and the likes)
*Bring back SD and memory stick slots.
*Provide a mean to plug in RGB (VGA or RGBHV connectors)

ReviewsArePolitics3276d ago

Right now, it doesn't make sense to release Backwards Compatibility. Sony is probably lying when they say few people want BC; hell, it's stupid to say "most people that buy a PS3 are not interested in BC", well of course not, because if they were, they would wait or would have gotten a 60GB like I did long ago. However, even if few didn't, some do. The reason they aren't doing it is because they want PS3 software to sell; PS2 software is easy to copy, so if Sony released PS3 with BC, it would sell even more but a lot of people would use it for very few PS3 games (if any) and they could open the gates for hacking the PS3 to play all PS1 and PS2 games. PS1 games are in low demand since most people have already played them, the PS1 market is non-existent so they lose nothing by adding BC. PS2 market is not only existent, but Sony just proved that by updating their PS2 franchises with higher res assets and trophies, they can milk them. So BC may never come, or it may but in a long time, once demand for PS2 games dies out @ retail.

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StrboyM3277d ago

I'd give it legs and a extending arm, so it could walk over to me and hand me my dualshock, when the couch is sooo far from the tv....and id teach it to make pancakes..and walk the dog

i'm lazy..and i want pancakes right now..and my dog needs to go out.../

RememberThe3573277d ago

But I don't really know how that would work, so I think I'd leave it the way it is.


I saw a Custom PS3 slim a couple of days ago with gloss a finish and I have to say one thing.


Everyone wanted a gloss finish but yet it turns out to look incredibly cheap with a gloss finish, I actually applaud Sony for not going with a gloss finish because from what I saw it would've looked ugly as hell.