ResumePlay Review: Inferno Pool (360) writes: "The old saying goes something like, "easy to pick-up, hard to master." This adage is proven fully in Inferno Pool, the fast-paced billiards game from Dark Energy Digital ( The game features a variety of customizable game modes which challenge the speed at which the player can pocket balls."

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mau643274d ago

This game brings me back to the glory days of playing pool on yahoo games all night sitting in a chat room

VenerableBmoney3274d ago

That's what I thought too. Yahoo Pool was my first taste of the genre. This is a slightly new take on a pretty limited scheme.

NathanGra3274d ago

Dude, I remember doing that!

Dukeoffl3274d ago

the game was a little hard to get used to, but definetly fun.

VenerableBmoney3274d ago

VERY hard to get used to. I lost like my first three matches against the computer. I was surprised with how well I did in Endurance though- was ranked 8 out of 167 as of last night. :)

mau643274d ago

Inferno mode sounds cool though

CheatsMcGee3274d ago

Ballzooka? I kind of want to play this now.

rogue06743274d ago

Took a few games to get used to it, but I liked being able to move around the table and play with the bank shots.

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