PlayStation Store Top Downloads 10/30/09

PlayStation LifeStyle Writes, "Below is a list of the top downloaded items from the PlayStation Store for the week ending October 29th. This week again sees Call of Duty: World at War and Fallout 3 dominate the charts. The number one spot is occupied by the latest COD: WAW Map Pack for the third straight week. Fallout 3's add on content has been very popular over the past few weeks. Trine makes a strong debut at the number 2 spot and a few Rock Band tracks litter the top 20. Check back each week for the lastest and most popular downloads from the PlayStation Store."

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DoucheVader3277d ago

Has a strong showing at #2. :) Great title.

T3mpr1x3277d ago

Good to see that game selling well, I might give in and buy it this week...

ftwrthtx3277d ago

The demo does a great job of selling the game as well. Pretty long and substantial just for a demo.

RKRigney3277d ago

It's amazing what the standardization of demos has done for digital games :)

Noctis Aftermath3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

FFVII is a beast, always up the top-end of the charts, yo square i think you know what you need to do concerning FFVII.

Also i wonder what the total worldwide digital download sales are of FFVII, anyone know?

ThanatosDMC3276d ago

They should add FF8 too and maybe i'll give FF9 a chance again if it comes to the PSN.

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Lifewish3277d ago

i guess all that delay over Trine didn't hurt the sales.