Diehard GameFAN: DDR Hottest Party 3 Review (Wii)

Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 3 is the best version of DDR Diehard GameFAN's Alexander Lucard has ever played. Not only is the track listing amazing, but there are several new modes including an all balance board version of DDR that it as odd as it is amusing. The only two negative things he can say about this game are that the graphics are pretty terrible and it's really disappointing that Konami has only released this in a bundle with a DDR Pad instead of letting gamers have the choice to buy the bundle or just the game disc. Selling it only in a bundle forces gamers who already have one or more pads to spend more money than they need to and also clutter up their home with extra pads. Even though he's really enjoying Hottest Party 3, he can't recommend it at the $70 price tag if you've already got the pads from HP1 and HP2.

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