Series of Alien Breed Evlolution titles planned writes:-
All 3 are coming to both the PS3 and Xbox 360 thankfully

I have been a fan of the Alien Breed games since the very first one arrived on the Amiga way back in the 1800's. The news of the impending reinvention has me as giddie as a kiddie at Christmas.

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ravinash3277d ago

This is cool. It had to be one of my fav games on the Amiga.
I Loved the music in the opening of it.

Hopefully its not just my good memories that make it seem good.

moosehound3277d ago

I played a little AB the other day via WinUAE - it's still agreat game so have high hopes. These are perfect little slices of heaven for PSN / XBLA :)