Spawn Kill Review: Obscure: The Aftermath

Molotov Cupcake of Spawn Kill writes:

"As horror enthusiasts are probably aware, the Obscure franchise as a rule is approached with trepidation. And for good reason. It's not exactly the creme de la creme of the land of Pyramid Head and cursed tattoos."

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K-Tuck3274d ago

I can't get over how ridiculous that screen shot is.

rrquinta3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

I always thought of giving this one a whirl, since it's so cheap, but had heard some horrific (ha ha ha... ugg) things about it... Curious that they ported it to psp...

tigresa3274d ago

I played the Wii version and it was pretty poorly put together but the story elements were kind of funny. I wish I had the energy to trudge through the whole thing. Maybe the PSP one is worth a whirl... Doesn't seem it though after reading that. >_<