Nvidia Fermi GF100 to launch by early December

Fermi, Nvidia's GF100 40nm DirectX 11 chip is selling great even though Nvidia still has to officially launch it. Sources confirmed that Nvidia is taking pre-orders like there is no tomorrow, but at this time Nvidia offers no guarantees when the chip will hit the market. Everyone expects shortages due to heavy demand from day one.

The original schedule of late November might skip in the first week(s) of December, but from what's learned over the last few days, it was always late November to first days of December.

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darkmurder3278d ago

Unless a Crysis comes out in time between November and December I'm really not fussed.

crck3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Yep I'm in no hurry to upgrade either, got my 260gtx about 2 months ago for under $80 after rebates. Should last me til this gen of cards are under $100.

JsonHenry3278d ago

I figured we would not see anything new until Spring '10 at the earliest so I went ahead and bought an HD5870. Hopefully the big green will give me a good enough reason to sell the 5870 and buy a Fermi board.

JsonHenry3278d ago

Don't forget The Witcher 2 and Divinity 2: Ego Draconis!

3sq3278d ago

Okay, now we do have the super graphic card but where are all the PC games???

Foxgod3278d ago

85% of all console games are also on PC.
And the pc versions make the console versions look like a joke.

Nihilism3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

which pc games do you mean, because a few of the best console games in recent times that i have for pc are:

farcry 2
dead space
fallout 3
mirrors edge
Left 4 dead
mass effect

games coming to pc soon:

dragon age
mass effect 2
bioshock 2
starcraft 2
diablo 3
doom 4
dark void
aliens vs predator
supreme commander 2
crysis 2
fallout: new vegas
battlefield 2
star wars: the old republic

yeah, where are all the pc games at....i don't know how i manage to find a new game to play all the time considering how little pc games they are.

It's also a terrible shame how good they look at maxed out on my just can't compete with the console versions /sarcasm

EDIT: i accidentally gave 3sq a thumbs up...god damn it i hate when that happens

Chapter 2:

I assumed this was a mobile gpu by the naming...but they mention a comparison to the 5870....maybe this is the name for the dektop fermi...they never officially called them gt300 series after all, and i did hear that they might be starting a new line of names for them...why can't they just pick a number, and go up from there, naming problem solved

ooh softpedia elaborated:

"Designed on the 40nm manufacturing process, the new NVIDIA GF100 graphics processing unit is expected to end-up significantly faster than AMD's Radeon HD 5870 flagship card, although we still have no specific numbers on benchmark results, clock speeds or any other specification."

That make more sense than the fudzilla article they mention the gf100, then separately they mention the "single core nvidia gpu" ( eath to fudzilla, gpu's are not the same as cpu's)

so it is the new 'gtx380' that we were expecting, *rubs hands greedily*

RedSky3278d ago

86% of statistics are made up on the spot.

toaster3278d ago


Shattered Horizson

Assassin's Creed 2

Splinter Cell: Conviction

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Duke Nukem Forever (thats unless it doesn't get delayed into oblivion)

Fear 2 Reborn

Guild Wars 2

This Is Vegas

Yup. I'm seeing a definitive shortage of PC games.

3sq3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

I meant THE PC GAMES THAT NEED THIS SUPER GRAPHIC CARD SPEC. Not the average PC games. Why else would you buy the super graphic card? to play games that don't require this card? If that's the case, you can get cheaper graphic card which can run those games you mentioned without any problem.

I know there are tons of PC games but it's obvious when asked for PC games, I did mean game like Crysis or better. None of the games you mentioned need this card. Some of them are not even out.

Nihilism3277d ago

there are always benefits to having a more powerful gpu. For example, I can play every old game at my native res with 16q anti aliasing, 16 anisotropic filtering, v-sync, triple buffering, and ambient occlusion, and still get 60 frames and never dip below, it sucks when you have to trade off for better quality/lower frame rates. Of course anything ovwe 30 frames is generally playable it's always better to have higher frames and turn some more setting up/on.

I'm not dissing you i'm just saying that there's always room for improvement. my monitor is 1680*1050...and if i bought a 1080p monitor i might have to turn a few settings down in games, or settle for less frames, but with a better card, you can up the res and still get a constant 60 frames

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jjesso19933278d ago

whats the specs on this gpu ?

Nihilism3278d ago

no released specs yet, just guesses

Kakkoii3278d ago

Well we know it has 512 cores. And we also know the changes that have been made to the architecture:

The only real thing we don't know is what the general clock speeds are going to be. And of course we don't know how it performs in games yet.

EpsilonTeam3278d ago

Oh man i'm dying to know what this card is capable of.

wwm0nkey3278d ago

My 8800 is starting to wear on me a bit I was thinking of getting a 295 soon but I think a GT300/GF100 will do just fine :D

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