Gaming Union: Tornado Outbreak Review writes, "It's a mystery how many people would have bet on a turbo-charged hedgehog, or a bandicoot with a couple screws loose. Who knew that controlling a pair of outrageous plumbers would be such a hit? How about taking the reins of tornado, of all things? That's exactly what Konami hopes will steal the spotlight this season, with their latest title for the Nintendo Wii, Tornado Outbreak. However, the courageous Zephyr alongside captain Nimbus and his squad of Wind Warriors are more likely to rip the spotlight out of the ground before standing in it, but that's just what you'd expect from a swarm of tornados, right?"

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ShawnCollier3277d ago

Nice to see Konami trying out new IPs.

mephman3277d ago

I don't think it's quite in the league of Sonic or Mario, but it seems like a decent game.