Q-Games wants to make PixelJunk Monsters sequel

Developer Q-Games would like to make a sequel to one of the most popular games on the Playstation Network, PixelJunk Monsters.

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Sigh3327d ago

loved monsters, probably my favorite out of the pixel junk series.

starvinbull3327d ago

Whatever they make I wish they'd hurry up. Love their games.

InfectedDK3327d ago

It IS the best in the Pixeljunk series..
I'm looking forward to it! =)

jut4203327d ago

I agree, PJM was the best PJ game in the series, and I'm not even a huge tower defense game fan. I just played the demo a million times and it never got old and I knew I had to buy it, and it might have been some of the best money I've spent on PSN. Here's to hoping for a sequel, with more maps and more variety of what the environments look like and some more greatly designed maps. I love the first map where there are only 4 trees, I think it's because it automatically seems like a challenge because you are so limited as to how many towers you can have.

vhero3327d ago

They should just keep expanding the original add the island and towers from PSP version for starters.

Chubear3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

I thought they were already working on PJM2 and this shows they aren't even sure yet if they'll even get PJM2 going. What the hell man, I'm sure PJM is their most commercially successful title in the PJ series of games so what's the hold up?

I know it seems they have some philosophy of moving forward and continually bringing out new IPs but damn, if you have a strong base for one of your game you really should look at keep your fans happy though. Without them the company would be nothing so give the fans what they'd like.

Just do it already!

ThanatosDMC3327d ago

I hope up 4 player co-op with online. Heck even three is fine. Hard mode is really hard especially the one in which a random tower gets destroyed. I hate it when the tower's got the black flag then BAM it's gone!

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ReservoirDog3163327d ago

I hope they do. I just got into PJM again and I would love to see a sequel.

saint_john_paul_ii3327d ago

2 player online co-op would be nice.

Sty3327d ago

Love the game... They could make that new island that is in pixel junk monsters deluxe to ps3, like a add on...

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The story is too old to be commented.