T3mpr1x5372d ago

Loco Roco for my PSP, yay!

ftwrthtx5372d ago

I didn't think I'd like it, but the demo is some serious fun.

ftwrthtx5372d ago

The PSP Zombie game looks fun as well

Lifewish5372d ago

new Ratchet demo is very cool.. rest is meh

ftwrthtx5372d ago

Jak & Daxter demo for the PSP is very cool.

CryWolf5372d ago

Ratchet & Clank demo downloading it right now.

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Cacabunga58d ago

I miss those times with Rock Band, DJ Hero and all rhythm games.

BeHunted58d ago

Thank you for supporting Microsoft by purchasing Guitar Hero.


I just don’t see this being nearly as popular as it was back in the day. These kids are way too attached to phones and tablets to care about plastic guitars and drums. Would be cool if it did return but I just don’t see hype for it like the good old days of gaming.

DarXyde58d ago

Or....in the modern era, it could support real electric guitars and drum sets...?

I think we can do better than the buttons at this point

ThatArtGuy58d ago

Rocksmith does real guitar.

DarXyde58d ago


All the more reason to get with the program.

S2Killinit58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Hmmm maybe you are correct. Unfortunately. Also, there is the VR rhythm games already in the wide which are very popular. But back in those days we only had gutar hero.

Gaming4Life198158d ago

I would gladly buy a guitar hero collection or just guitar hero 2 again on series X or ps5.

neutralgamer199258d ago

Most likely answer is both platforms because why leave out 60-70 million platform gamers

Dandalandan11758d ago

Make it some kind of collection or greatest hits then I'm sold

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Call of Duty killed Guitar Hero but the world is ready for its return