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deadreckoning6663274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

Yeah, it proly will. Theres a bigger install base now as opposed to 2 years ago with COD4. It'll definetly smash DAY ONE sales records. Either way this ill be good for the gaming industry. The fact that a videogame can sell more than any CD, movie, or book says alot about where the entertainment industry will be going in a couple of years.

villevalorox3274d ago

this is pretty much a given.. I mean tbh the only reason I'm buying cod is because all of my friends are buying it and It has been a long time since we all sat down and played a good game together. Can't wait just 12 days XD?

Dringostarr3274d ago

GTA IV came out a year ago...

darkmurder3274d ago

Not on PC, higher piracy will be guaranteed, thanks for no dedis Infinity Fail.

TheBest3273d ago

... if the majority of the PC community pirates the game, and Infinity Ward sees minimal profits from the sale of the PC version of the game, Modern Warfare 3 won't come to PC AT ALL.

Would you want nothing as opposed to even P2P servers?

And I know dedicated servers are the best option, but it doesn't look like IW will be implementing them (for whatever stupid reason).

glennc3273d ago

neither game is worthy

Ps_alm3k3273d ago

1. Pc gamer revenge.......

2.More Modded Xbox owners

3. Some ps3 owners hate for activision...

4. Australian airport civilian shootout!! ( Probably even more spread out once release)

so a lot of opposition go against it......

5. oh and it wont be rated higher then u 2 and gta4....

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