Epic Mickey 360/PS3 port is 'Disney's decision'

A potential Xbox 360 and PS3 port of Wii exclusive Epic Mickey is "a decision that other people in the Disney organisation are going to make," Warren Spector has told CVG.

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Feral Gamer3279d ago

Epic Mickey can't be that epic on Wii hardware.

SpoonyRedMage3279d ago

I respectfully disagree and I think the fact that Warren chose the Wii because he didn't want to shortchange Wii owners and wanted to focus on one platform says good things for the game. I think it could be fantastically epic.

I'm cautiously optimistic but I personally like what I see.

Feral Gamer3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

I respectfully disagree with your statement. How would it be short changing Wii owners? If anything, PS3/360 owners are being short changed because the game was supposed to be released on those consoles. I believe Disney would be best in high def. Just look at the Disney/Pixar movies. Wouldn't you rather play a game looking like that?

SpoonyRedMage3279d ago

Well the original idea was for it to be developed primarily for PC/360 and PS3 and port it to the Wii but Mr Spector didn't like the idea of putting a lazy port on the Wii and wanted to concentrate on only one platform anyway. He just happened to choose the Wii.

The HD systems are being short changed but from Mr Spector's own words it's clear that the game will have much more focus and polish because of the decision for Wii exclusivity.

matey3279d ago

yes it can wii triple A games are amazing and the graphics on games like galaxy2,metroid other m,monster hunter 3,tatsunoko vs capcom,final faantasy cc crystal bearers,are immence if them games were in 720p they would look as good as any 360 game im sure so its not that bad graphically and the the devs on final fantasy/monster hunter say the same thing the wiimote nunchuck combination is too good to even think about ps3/360 versions that statement came from R&D at capcom and square enix they say a sence of freedom something you dont get with static dual shock pads sorry but MH3 plus online no friendcodes and wiispeak there is no game on ps3/360 that is that exclusive and awesome plus my guess is that nintendo are trying to get MH4 on the wii2 considering that when devs put this much effort into there games they sell this is the best selling console game in japan full stop and its still selling 100-200k a month not even in EU,AU,or the americas yet so wow it could end up selling about 4 million and some it already has sold 1.1 million in japan alone guy