148Apps Review: SkySmash 1918

148Apps writes: "Skysmash is a top down shooter in it's purist form. Top down shooters have chosen a few varying control schemes to try and deal with the fact that your finger is in the way of your plane and having to fire constantly. Here you captain a plane from an overhead view by moving your finger around the screen, and double tapping to activate a variety of secondary effects that are picked up by destroying the enemies on screen. SkySmash decided to go with this simple control scheme and it that works really well here. I'm glad Richard didn't try to do something gimmicky with the accelemerator as some devs have tried to do.

The core gameplay is a straight forward romp through a single player campaign of countless enemies trying to take you out. At the end of each level there are large bosses that try their best to throw as much as they can at you at once. Most shooters really live or die by the boss fights, and Skysmash really holds up well here."

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