148Apps Review: Bumpoid

148Apps writes: "Typically, when it comes to 3D graphics and apps that cost more than a dollar, you can count me in. With a price tag like this, along with the promise of some great 3D gameplay, I'm expecting a pretty good game. Unfortunately, I'm just not feeling this app… I mean the 3D graphics suit this genre perfectly, but the gameplay just isn't very so complete.

Most 3D graphical games these days a very admirable titles from distinguished developers. With the App Store evolving the way it is, the indie iPhone dev's are now playing their hands in more advanced designs. Remember how successful Pocket God became… the indie developer (Dave Cazz) went from un-noticable to one of the best dev's around, and still is today. Many indie dev's are trying as hard as ever to compete with the big devs with advanced 3D titles, but it's certainly an uphill battle."

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