Nintendo Power's Ultimate Zelda list

Nintendo Power gives their list of the best Zelda games made.

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JeepGamer3373d ago

Ocarina of Time belongs nowhere near the top of that list. Just because it made people feel justified in owning a N64, doesn't make it the end all be all.

zerocrossing3373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

ocarina of time definatly deserves 1st place if you actualy played the game on its release instead of dungeon master along with wind waker you'd understand how incredibly good it was and even by todays standards can hold its own, what i disagree with is Twilight Princess in my opinion not good enough for 4th place majoras mask deserves that spot not what youd call a traditional zelda but one amazing game.

JeepGamer3373d ago

I did play it before it was released on the GameCube and found it to be good but fantastically over rated.

eagle213373d ago

ZELDA is simply an amazing franchise. :)

Tex1173373d ago

Call me old school.

I like A Link to the Past and Links Awkening the most.

ThatArtGuy3373d ago

Call *me* old skool...

I still think the original is the best.

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