Achievements Unlocked

How to easily improve your gamerscore by 8000 points.

When Microsoft's Gamerscore system was introduced with the Xbox 360, it didn't draw much attention; it was simply a number to show how many games you've played. Little did we know that Microsoft was on its way to making a huge something out of nothing with the new system. The points have no value, add no new functionality to a game, nor do they improve our overall quality of life. Despite this, we have slowly started to obsess over achievement points which serve as nothing more than bragging rights

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fjtorres4750d ago

But isn't that what gaming is about? ;-)
Gaming is about feeling good at achieving something; completing a level, finding an easter egg, beating a boss, mastering a game...
Achievement points codify and formalize this into a universal rating system.
Since gamers are by nature competitive it is only natural that the rating system would become a bragging system. And, of course, that the most competitive gamers would obsess about their score.
Basic human psychology.
And a natural development once you have a universal online gaming environment like XBL...
So yes, achievement points are nothing but bragging rights but its better to have something to brag about than nothing, no? Life would be sooo empty without them. ;-)

Ignorant Fanboy4750d ago

Remember at the arcades, you get to put in your initials for a high score.

I obsessed on putting my initials in the #1 slot.

Achievements are just an extension of leaderboards on an arcade game, I love 'em.

My Gamerscore: around 5500 + I have 1,000 for oblivion.

NewZealander4747d ago

the points arnt JUST bragging rites, they also give you reason to replay and get the most out of your games
even after i finished dead rising or gears of war i had a blast going back and milking them for all they are worth, on the origonal xbox i never went back to games after finishing them
and if a game doesnt have achievements i simply wont play it

SuicidalTendencies4750d ago

They also add replay value to games I would have just let sit on my shelf. Like beating a game on it's hardest difficulty, going for 53,000 kills in Dead Rising, searching for all hidden orbs or cog tags. It's a nice little challenge that is optional but sure is fun.

gta_cb4750d ago

i like the achievements idea.

gta_cb4750d ago

its also just like this websites points system. when we post a comment we get 10 points, when we have a daily visit we get an extra 30 points, and with stories... well just look at deep with nearly double points to TnS in second place. yes this time the points thing is going to help deep as hes gonna win some cash, but everyother month is going to help us?... no! but its still cool lol

Sphinx4750d ago

but I don't go out of my way to play games I don't want to play just to get points.

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