Yahtzee Gets Rickroll'd by EA

GN writes, "Watching an angry Aussie incapable of using punctuation obliterate a box must be one hell of a sight. Fortunately, a few that witnessed it managed to survive with their lives... more or less.

Yahtzee, famous for his gaming parody Zero Punctuation, received a package today from EA Games promoting Dante's Inferno. Yahtzee eagerly pulled open the wooden box, noticing that the inside of the lid read, "The Fifth Circle of Hell Is Close." The Escapist said, "Members of The Escapist staff crowded around the box, eager to find out what was inside. We were somewhat bemused to discover nothing but a small burlap bundle containing safety goggles and a ball peen hammer."

That's when it happened..."


Yes, we know Yahtzee is England-born, but he lives in Australia now and that's what counts.

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MrJack3373d ago

But although Yahtzee lives in Australia, he is very much british, he even has a british accent.

vhero3373d ago

Absolutely quality move by EA :)

-EvoAnubis-3373d ago

Epic win by EA! Absolutely well done.

paul03883373d ago

Their marketing campaign for this game is damn good. I went from no interest, to tons of interest. I'll be buying this one for sure. God I hope it's good...

Ratchet_Co3373d ago

Hahaha, that was funny :D

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Ray1863373d ago

I just cannot wait until he reviews this game. Hilarious!

RememberThe3573373d ago

That is classic! I would have loved to have been there.

artgamer3373d ago

When is this punk gonna review Uncharted 2, or did the cat get his tongue.

Jikla3373d ago

If you see the interview with yatzy at the escapist you will see that he's playing it at the moment. And he also talks a bit about it. Also about a book he's releasing and about a new indie horror-adventure game that he's making. Worth checking out that interview :)

Tony P3373d ago

Small correction: Yahtzee is a Brit.

As for the matter at hand: BRILLIANT.

coolfool3373d ago

He is British and speaks with a British accent. Also his sarcasm is very British.

But, yeah, that's hilarious!

Seferoth753373d ago

You two just don't get it... Where you are born and what country you are a citizen of are not the same thing. Had he moved here and became a citizen he would be American.

coolfool3372d ago

Are we debating legal citizenship?

His humour is British, he makes loads of references to British pop culture and food. He hasn't been in australia that long (if you read his bio) and I would be willing to bet that he classes himself has British.

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The story is too old to be commented.