Star Wars: Force Unleashed - Unleashing The Force Part 1: The New Beginning

Here's an exciting look at Star Wars: Force Unleashed, the next generation Star Wars game. This documentary gives us a good look at the emotional balance we will see in the upcoming title.

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Violater4751d ago

I am really going to enjoy this game, this is like the continuation to PSi Ops that we were never going to get.

ALIEN4751d ago

This game will ROCK! Im getting it on PS3, and also on PSP, so i can play it when im not at home.

astrobrights4751d ago

somehow, i feel like this game was always part of my destiny

sonarus4751d ago (Edited 4751d ago )

1 word flames. This game is gonna sell like hotcakes. Am gettin dis game regardless

Bloodmask4751d ago

First of all I am a Star Wars fan. All I can say is that Lucasarts starwars games are always crappy. Even on PS2 or xbox their graphics engines were from the PS1 era. That is why you dont see the new battlefront on anything but a handheld. Isn't kinda funny how all the Jedi knights run on the same engine even though beings years apart. Lucasarts should be ashamed of themselves. They are almost as bad as EA when it comes to shovelware. Oh, I almost forgot, Republic commando....Sucked. The only quality Star wars games were always released on a nintendo system or PC. The KOTOR games are an exception being made by Bioware and Obsidian. I bet you guys all buy madden every year and all have copies of spiderman three on your respective systems. Lemmings. Don't let the dark side cloud your vision Lucasarts makes crappy games.

THWIP4751d ago

This, and the new Indy Jones game are being built with BRAND NEW engines, using a BRAND NEW proprietary PHYSICS engine....that is equal to or better than HAVOC 2.0

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The story is too old to be commented.