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swingingape3987d ago

I vote for the underrated Haunting Ground

tinman_licks3987d ago

Silent Hill > Resident Evil for scares.

swingingape3987d ago

RE has plenty scares. SH is good psychological scares but RE was much bloodier

thedisagreefairy3987d ago

is the by far the most disturbing game i've ever played.

i love it so much. (too bad my copy has a glitch that doesnt let me finish it anymore)

WildArmed3987d ago

Oh man o_O I dont think i wanna pick that up >.<
I dont deal good with disturbing games.

thedisagreefairy3987d ago

the suffering was already doing that, but with images of the lead character in executions or images of his family dead.

remember the ghostlike sequences in bioshock also?

the suffering did that stuff when you got in an area that had past murders, showing the events in slo mo as you try to move around it.

it had the run and gun horror gameplay that dead space later adapted.

even though it is disturbing...its story is fantastic. it really gets you into it.

it had 3 alternate endings depending on which karma path yout ook (good, neutral or evil)

give it a try...ull love it.

WildArmed3987d ago

hm. I may have to go hunting for this. First gonna check the Gamestops around here.. if not there is always Amazon :)

Is it kinda like Max Payne Begning parts of each chapters? Coz that gave me a 'disturbing' vibe. I dunt know.. but it was freaky >.<

Oh and I never finished Bioshock.. lol stupid friend had to leave with his 360 (back when in 07)

WildArmed3987d ago

classic: I peed my pants while playing RE1 for the first time on ps1 syndrome? yup >.<

Tron_Rocks3987d ago

-Ravenloft from Half Life 2 (that level alone has great atmosphere)
-Left For Dead
-Ghostbusters the Video Game
and this is not scary but really befitting of October

WildArmed3987d ago

Playing Demons Souls Tower of Lataria world (archstone 3) and the Valley of Defilement (archstone 5) are very...scary >.<

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