Nvidia leaks Geforce 3xxM series

Fudzilla: "Nvidia itself has leaked some information about its upcoming Geforce 3xxM notebook series.

This is something that hasn't been announced yet and might very well be the branding for Fermi GT300 based mobile chips, but at this time we don't know.

The top brand is Geforce GTS 360M followed by Geforce GT 335M and Geforce GT 330M. The lower market segment will get Geforce 310M as well as Geforce 305M."

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Nihilism3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

I saw this a few hours ago...i got my hopes up expecting clocks or even benchmarks, but this is good news none the less, if the drivers are live, or at least the card selection on the site, they must be close to being released, stay calm dale, everything will be fine *hyperventilates with excitement*

I have 3 bubbles now...i don't know how that happened. I'll enjoy it while it lasts...which probably won't be long

FantasyStar3276d ago

I helped you out with the 3rd Bubble. Why you have so little bubbles is beyond me. Have another one.

vudu3276d ago

Looks like no 300M drivers on the uk site either.

Nihilism3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

In the wikipedia article:

they changes the core clock down from 700 to 650, and bumped the shader clock from 1600 to 1700, this was yesterday. I'm sure the author wouldn't have made a random alteration for no reason. Although a clock decrease is obviously not a good thing it may be indicative of the true numbers....not long till november though, some good news is inevitable


cheers for the bubble.

with the clock's: i meant for all the gt300 series ( all desktop and laptop cards), but the specific card i mentioned was a desktop gpu, my last pc before my current one was a laptop, and i don't even know why people get good gpu's for them, the drivers are terrible, so even if they were identical cards to the desktop variants, they would still perform 50% worse. I know what you mean about clocks meaning little, it's also hard to compare ati/nvidia clocks because the architecture is completely different, the benchmarks will tell us everything, i'm sick of waiting... i can feel crysis tried to uninstall itself out of fear but i was too quick for it, muahaha

FantasyStar3276d ago

Theoretical numbers are cool and all in the test bed, but it'll be the commercial products that dictate what clocks will be set due to the closed-nature of laptops. Unfortunately, I'm not much of a laptop gamer, but it is good news that Nvidia is getting into the final stages of their DX11 lineup.

Projekt7tuning3276d ago

My laptop is almost two years old. It has a m8800gts. I think it might be time to convince the wife to take my current laptop and get a new one with this video card. Its a hard sell though, I just got her to let me buy a 920 i7, and an evga motherboard. She got my q6700. I have been pretty happy with my laptops 8800gts though, so this should rock.