Developer Diary #2: The Saboteur for PS3

Tom French // Lead Designer, The Saboteur: "…Aaaaand back. Last we talked I told you about my buddy and our hero Sean Devlin, since then he and I have been quite busy. We've had some pretty cool press trips to the UK and even to the city where The Saboteur is set in-Paris. Felt a lot like a coming home.

Paris in many ways is like one of the characters in The Saboteur. Paris is The City of Lights and Love. It's vibrant and colorful, rich and cultural. People are constantly out walking the streets and nearby markets are filled with browsing shoppers. If you've seen the movie Amélie and you'll know what I mean. That's the "fantasy" of Paris we strove to have in the game - and do. It's a beautiful and bustling city filled with incredible buildings and architecture. Building Paris was an extremely tough challenge to tackle because the city is so well known."

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thebudgetgamer3280d ago

im not trying to start nothing just curious i like the light and dark changes.

PirateThom3280d ago

I think Pandemic were handling the 360 version and, at one point, had passed the PS3 version onto another developer.