Master Chief vs. Nomad: Who will win this fight?

What do you believe, which of the two heroes would win the fight? Vote inside!

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Sonyslave33329d ago

they both evenly match but MC got the weapons advantage .

Pandamobile3329d ago

I'm sorry, but Nomad has a nuke cannon.

chrisulloa3329d ago

I'm sorry, but MC is a spartan. No one kills a spartan.

ReviewsArePolitics3329d ago

Nathan Drake eats spartans for breakfast. I would have said Kratos, but he actually helps spartans. MC would be lucky to have Kratos on his team.

Chubear3329d ago

He's the God of Spartans.... not even close to being a fair fight XD

ajkla923328d ago

No one kills a spartan??? you're a fuc*in nerd.

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D4RkNIKON3329d ago

Judging by the image attached it looks like they are battling to see who has the most jaggies. But we all know who wins in that department.

360degrees3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

He is the most advanced super soldier the future world has ever seen (he is comparable to a newer version of the old school super soldier Captain America) and can not be defeated by any contender from any other video game, comic, tv show etc...possibly Superman would put up the best challenge due to the fact that he has ALL the superpowers, but I am most confident that Master Chief would know his weakness of Kryptonite, and make quick work of said superhero ......undeniable truth my friends

WildArmed3329d ago

@1.1 had me laughing so hard. Man.. that was awesome.

Either way, I votes Nomad.. coz his uber super speed and sh!t is badass

Although the Guy from Crysis Warhead was the most badass, Psycho for life :)

DiffusionE3329d ago

Sounds like those two have yet to meet....Chris "roid-boy" Redfield - eats zombies for breakfast, punches boulders for a living,....

evrfighter3329d ago

interesting but theres an easy answer

edit nomads .ini file and he can sprint faster than flash gordon, hit as hard as the juggernaut, jump as high as the hulk, and take a punch like superman


Sarcasm3329d ago

I think Master Chief would win only because after Nomad shoots him a bunch of times, Chief will stand behind something for a few seconds and regenerate his health. And it also helps that he can jump 20 feet in the air.

WildArmed3329d ago

But Nomad has regen and ability to jump 20 feet in the air ^_^
Gotta jump that nano-tech jumpsuit.. comes in handy when u wanna run like 30mph lol

pixelsword3329d ago

it's not the tech, it's the man behind the suit.

UnSelf3329d ago

Alex Mercer can beat any video game character

UnSelf3329d ago

nope him too.

i doubt kratos can fight the US army, the special sector of the govt named Blackwatch, and super stropng infected mutants and still wint

WildArmed3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

I bets Kratos can... coz HE IS SPARTA! lol It's not like Kratos cant use guns.. (unlike Cole from infamous).
Kratos is badass in closecombat.. nuff said lol

Ofc, unless you get Mario that Fire Flower.. that that mario owns all >.<

Btw, I;m betting Solid Snake could do that lol Coz we all know he is badass ^_^ (talking about tkaing down the US armry + black sector + ugly creatures)

But.. at the end of the day.. max out a FFX char and BAM THERE IT IS lol
The definitive warrior. Auron is a totaly badass..

or if anyone of you remember Selphie's The End skillin Final Fantasy 8 LMFAO

frostypants3328d ago

Master Chief would win the first time, but would probably get his ass kicked in a 2nd fight due to his unexplained obsessive compulsive need to run back through every level he completes.

paul03883328d ago

Of course Nomad would win. He'd just go invisible and hit Master Chief in the back...

sikbeta3328d ago

Kirby will kick their @$$ at the same time /now that's what I call Sarcasm lol

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kaveti66163329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

Master Chief is a character from the year 2550 or somewhere around there.

Nomad is a character from what appears to be the 21st century.

So, even though they aren't in the same universe, I would say that if you through them together, Master Chief logically has much more advanced technology in his suit of armor, although I like the way Nomads nanosuit looks and operates. I give this to the Chief for only the time reason.

theEnemy3329d ago

of gap, and yet their suit's tech are almost the same.


what people forget is that, John himself is enhanced. A regular guy cannot use the spartan suites.

I don't know enough about the Nomad to really say. The problem with MC ( or halo ) they don't give you a lot of his background in the games.

If your purely comparing the characters based on what you see them do in the games then I think it may be Nomad. If your comparing the actual characters all the fiction and story behind them... then I would say MC. Once you read the books you get a very very different picture of what the Spartans are capable of.

CaulkSlap3329d ago

Talking about a hypothetical fight between 2 completely fictional characters is the most pathetic thing humanly possible.

NoBias3329d ago

Easy there, dramatic.

Sarcasm3329d ago

Is it any more stupid than the actual fictional characters themselves? I mean come on, a lime green suited super soldier? Yeah that's stealthy.

Lighten up a bit.

Chubear3329d ago

It's only a bit of fun my friend. You know, the whole reason we enjoy VGs in the first place?

KimoNoir3329d ago

As far as I know, Master Chief weighs almost or more than a 1000lbs and can run 25 mph and jump 25ft into the air. His suit is naturally giving him strength and his armor has a shield and under that is probably metal alloy that probably can stop bullets.

Being almost or more than a ton while running 25mph and jumping 25ft into the air is something that makes alot of sense if its that far into the future.

Even though they may both be in a whole different universe it's still partaking in a human universe so naturally both pieces of technology will show up in due time. You can't compare them both because, Master Chief is genetically enhanced and the technology he carries is far beyond Nomads nanosuit since its from the 21st century.

S4NDM4N3329d ago

run 25 mph? I'm pretty sure Nomad can. I mean I've ran like 25mph with Nomad in Crysis. But I've walked like 5mph with Master Chief in Halo. I never knew Master Chief could sprint.

kraze073329d ago

Nomad is definitely faster than Master Chief.

SixZeroFour3329d ago

if we were going by the master chief in the books (especially fall of reach cause they go in depth of the spartans) then i would say master cheif...but if we are going by master chief portrayed in teh games, i would say nomad

the spartans portrayed in the books were far more agile in every aspect than what was shown in the games