Datel to fight MS on memory card block

We have just received exclusive word from a UK distributor of Datel that the company is to fight back against the block that MS induced on their pionerring memory card solutions for Xbox 360. We're told that an update for the product will be released shortly to enable the device once again!

Here is the EXCLUSIVE leaked letter that is being sent to retailers from Datel's UK distributors:

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Jamie_C_UK3279d ago

Typical MS. Squeeze until dry then dump.

gamesR4fun3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

tho its a low blow from ms its their machine. They wanna r8p their clients for all their worth. By blocking third party peripherals so consumers have to by their overpriced add ons. There's nothing a court will do about it. IMO

NotSoSilentBob3279d ago

They are not going to just rape the Consumer they are going to rape anyone who tries to get their product Certified they will have to have prices as high as the MS products.

WildArmed3278d ago

=/ Then no more 3rd party controllers... etc etc
slippery slope. I dont know whats the big fuss with HDD though.
I understand if they talk about memory cards.. since people edit their saved files with memory cards that are not made my MS. But if they are disabling HDDs, now thats just pitiful

TotalPS3Fanboy3278d ago

I am rooting for you. Like PS3 gamers, you have balls.

darthv723278d ago

i have to give datel credit for wanting their product to sell and work on the 360. To have been able to use an SD card for storage instead of the hdd was sweet.

I bet it would have been so much faster in loading games saved to it. Obviously if they did apply for an official license, MS would make them secure the file system so it cant be affected by using a pc to modify.

Good luck datel. I like their max media player for the ds. I have a 2gb cf card I use for homebrew stuff on the ds that works well with the MMD.

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wicked3278d ago

Why don't they apply to MS for a licence?